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How will your course help students improve their ability to write analytically?  How will you use writing to

promote student learning and thinking? What kinds of feedback are you providing to help improve student

writing?  (See Guidelines for WAC.)  Please indicate below the writing assignments in this course, the timing,

the approximate length of each, and whether or not you provide response and require (or allow) revision.   The

primary concerns of the Writing Board are the following:

  • Writing as a thinking, learning, and communication process should be integrated with course content.
  • Formal written assignments, those listed in the chart below, should require critical thinking, sound

      evidence and reasoning, and well-crafted rhetorical structure. 

  • Writing and constructive feedback that focus on these qualities should be integral to a WAC course,

       and distributed throughout.  

(Informal student writing, which promotes thinking but not necessarily form, is also encouraged.  See below.)




Specify assignment type/s* (academic/professional writing) 

We encourage you to submit a course syllabus, relevant

sections of one, and/or sample assignments.  





(pages of


 Revision policy**

required   optional

 yes/no       yes/no

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Wk 2






Wk 3






Wk 4






Wk 5






Wk 6






Wk 7






Wk 8






Wk 9






W 10













* Examples: analytic essays, research papers, summary of readings, position papers, research reports, problem sets, lab

     reports (or other--please specify).   Include required preliminary sections/drafts of papers, if any. 

**Revisions must be more than merely corrections.  They must require students to re-think and re-write ideas. 


Please describe what writing issues you comment on to help students improve their writing. (See “Faculty

Evaluation of Writing” in the “Guidelines for Writing Across the Curriculum.”)








In what additional ways, if any, will you use informal writing to help students learn (journals, blogs, etc.)?  ___




What percentage of the course grade will be determined by out-of-class writing?  ______________________