Current Year Events

Spring 2013

The Committee on Teaching Presents:  Brown Bag Lunch Series

The Committee on Teaching invites you to their first Brown Bag Lunch Series (CoTBBLS).  This is an *informal* weekly event for faculty across the divisions during which we can swap stories and share teaching techniques.   Each event will have a theme (late assignments, extra credit, etc).   No food will be provided, but if we're lucky there will be home-made cookies.

If there's a topic you'd like discussed, please don't hesitate to ask!  In order to facilitate participation across departments, we will try to be flexible on which day of the week the event is offered.

Dates and Topics:

Thursday, April 18 (Olin 211): Late Assignments

Wednesday, April 24 (Olin 211): Extra Credit

Week 5: Class Discussions

Week 6: Thursday, May 9 - Attendance (location - Lippman 101)

Week 8: Wednesday, May 22: Laptops in the Classroom (location - Olin 211)

Week 9: Wednesday, May 29: Plagiarism (location - Olin 211)

Hope to see you there!