Arts at Union


The music faculty at Union College serves the diverse needs of students pursuing a Liberal Arts education. We seek to open the minds and ears of Union students by teaching an integrated curriculum which includes courses in music theory, music history, jazz, and world music.

Fall offerings include the following:

  • AMU 110 - Class Piano I
  • AMU 132 - History of Jazz
  • AMU 213 - Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven

Music Practica (ensembles/lessons taken in addition to a student's three-course load):

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts at Union include the study of Art History and Studio Fine Arts. Students are able to select courses that survey and study in depth many aspects of the history of art as well as take studio courses in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture/3-D, and printmaking. While we offer advanced courses, many of our offerings do not require any previous experience and first-year students are welcome. The Visual Arts are a strong aspect of study at Union and the department offers many guest artist/scholar visits/lectures, professional and student exhibitions, and a practicum in ceramics.

Fall Offerings include:

Art History

  • AAH 115 - Pyramids to Skyscrapers: An Introduction to the History of Architecture
  • AAH 120 - Arts of Japan
  • AAH 130 - Spain to Central Asia:  Introduction to Islamic Art and Architecture

Studio Arts

  • AVA 100 - Design Fundamentals
  • AVA 110 - Drawing I
  • AVA 120 - Photography I
  • AVA 130 – Sculpture 1
  • AVA 160 – Digital Art

Theater and Dance

Here at Union we have a very active, production oriented theatre program open to all who may be interested regardless of major. So if you think you want to get involved just walk over to the Yulman Theatre during the beginning of Fall term and talk to any faculty or students you see. You just might end up in a show.

Theater Courses in the Fall term available to first-years include:

  • ATH 102 - Introduction to Theatre
  • ATH 110 - Stagecraft 1
  • ATH 112 - Acting 1
  • ATH 118 - Costume Technology
  • ATH 140 - American Musical Theater & Dance
  • ATH 151 - Directing 
  • ATH 231 - Voice for the Stage


Union also has an active Dance Program, with a newly instituted Dance minor, with Dance Practica in Ballet, Jazz Dance and Modern Dance and a course

  • ADA 140 – American Musical Theater and Dance