Prospective Engineering Majors

Your fall schedule will include the following courses:

  1. ESC 100 - Exploring Engineering
  2. Calculus - the specific course will be assigned after you have submitted the Mathematics Placement test and any AP scores you have. All students  MUST take the Mathematics placement exam by July 15. You  should just sign up for CALCULUS. The Mathematics Department will place you appropriately.
  3. First Year Preceptorial (FYP) or another course. Most students not placed in a Fall FYP will choose another Common Curriculum course. See the Common Curriculum page for a description of the Common Curriculum program and requirements. Engineering students will automatically satisfy the science/QMR portion of Common Curriculum through courses required for their major.
Some additional advice:

a) If you have placed out of 2 Calculus courses because of AP scores, you could sign up for PHY-120, ECE-118, or CHM-101 rather than Calculus III.

b) Most engineering students end up taking Chemistry, so you should take the Chemistry placement exam to see if you place into Accelerated Introductory Chemistry, offered only in the fall term. You must take this exam by July 15.

c) You MUST list alternate courses in case you are not placed in a Fall FYP. Students wishing to list technical courses (other than Chemistry), in addition to Common Curriculum courses, should contact one of the department chairs listed below for suggestions.

For help with your fall term schedule, please contact the engineering department chairs.

Shane Cotter
Co-Director for Bioengineering


Scott Kirkton 
Co-Director for Bioengineering

Mechanical Engineering
Brad Bruno
Chair of Mechanical Engineering

Electrical or Computer Engineering
Cherrice Traver
Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering