Mathematics and Science Requirements


ALL students must take the Mathematics Placement Exam for placement in the appropriate math course. One Quantitative Mathematical Reasoning course is required of every student. You MUST take the mathematics placement exam by July 15.

If you are not planning on taking Calculus, you should not sign up for Mathematics in the Fall, rather you should explore your interests first. The Mathematics Department offers interesting non-Calculus alternatives to take later on. You should take the exam before the July 15 deadline regardless of your plans for fall term.


The College has a 2 course science requirement. At least one of these courses must have a laboratory component. Many of you will fulfill this requirement during the first year by taking the standard introductory science courses. You are certainly encouraged to explore these courses in Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics if you are interested in learning about these subjects.

The science departments offer specially designed Common Curriculum science courses designed for students whose main interests lie outside of the sciences and engineering. There is no need to take a science course your first term, unless you see one listed that is of particular interest. Spaces in these courses may be limited.

Physics – Students interested in Physics should sign up for Physics 100. For more information, please contact Prof. Chad Orzel.

Special note (Engineering): If you think you might be interested in Engineering, but are unsure as to what that might entail, then you may wish to sign up for ESC 100. This course does carry Science (with Lab) credit for Gen Ed purposes.

Chemistry (and Chemistry Placement Exam)
ALL students contemplating a science major, prehealth, Mechanical Engineering or who are in the LIM program must take the Chemistry Placement Exam, unless you have received a 4 or 5 on the Chemistry AP exam. The placement exam is on-line through Union’s Nexus page here. You MUST take the exam by July 15.