Prospective Science Majors/Pre-Health Students

Your fall schedule will most likely be:

  • Freshman Preceptorial (depending on whether you are placed in one Fall or Winter) or possibly you will have an elective
  • A Laboratory Science - students who need to take both Biology and Chemistry their first-year will be assigned to one of these. You MUST take the Chemistry Placement Exam. When preregistering please sign up for Biology or Chemistry as one of your courses and list the other as an alternate.
  • Physics - Students interested in Physics should sign up for Physics 100, the special first-year Physics seminar. For more information, please contact Prof. Chad Orzel.
  • Geology - you should sign up for Geology 110.
  • Calculus - the course will be assigned after you have submitted the Mathematics Placement exam and any AP scores. You should just sign up for CALCULUS. The Mathematics Department will place you appropriately.
  • Languages - many students in these tracks also study a language. You must begin the study of certain languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German , Latin or Greek in the fall term.
  • Note: You can be in the pre-health track with any major. Although many pre-health students major in a Science, we have also had students major in other subjects ranging from Classics to Mathematics.