Social Sciences (and a note on Economics and Political Science)

Many students choose an introductory social science course for their first term. There are appropriate courses available in the Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology Departments. It is also important at Union College to explore the curriculum; this is particularly important in the first year. Consequently, you most likely will not be pre-registered for more than one introductory social science course in the fall. Do not limit your list of courses to only social science courses. We will try to accommodate your first choice, but please make sure to list alternate choices and courses from the Arts and Humanities or Sciences.

Calculus is a prerequisite for intermediate-level economics courses. If you plan to take Economics beyond the introductory level, it would be best to take Calculus by the middle of your sophomore year. Thus, if you already have a Calculus background from high school you may wish to continue with it in your first year (since the College has a mathematics requirement anyway). If you do not have a Calculus background and are interested in Economics, you should plan on taking Economics 101 during your first year (though not necessarily Fall term).  You should also be aware of the mathematics requirements for that major. The Economics and Mathematics Department Chairs will be happy to work with you to determine the best time for you to take Calculus.

Political Science
The Political Science department has instituted a language requirement for all political science majors. If you are thinking of majoring in political science, it can be very helpful to begin your language study in your first year. The language requirement will be waived only if a student does a full term abroad, however students should not count on satisfying program requirements through term abroad.  In addition, language study often serves as a foundation for study abroad.