Undergraduate Research

Student Conference Travel Grant Guidelines

  • Any student who has performed research for credit at Union College (senior thesis or project, research practicum, sophomore project) or received a stipend for their research at Union College over the summer.
  • The student must be enrolled in the third term of the research practicum or second term of the sophomore project or have completed the practicum or sophomore project.
  • The student must be making a presentation at an academic conference and provide proof of the acceptance of the abstract/paper for the work.
  • Each student requesting funds must be making a separate presentation at the conference.*
  • The student must be currently enrolled at Union College.

    *In the case of large, multi-student projects, it is possible for more than one student to receive funding to attend the conference. It must be clear that each student has made an equivalent contribution to the work and that all are participating in the presentation. This should be directly addressed in the faculty letter of support.
Funding Rules
  • Funds will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis throughout the year.
  • The College will pay all reasonable expenses incurred for ground and/or air transportation.  It is expected that students will avail themselves of the most economical and reasonable method of transportation. (For example, taking public transportation rather than taxis.)
  • Maximum funding is $600 per year. Funds can be used for travel, lodging, meal and conference registration expenses.

Applications, including an itemized summary of expenses, may be submitted at any time, but are due at least one month before departure.

Application form is available here.

Your faculty research supervisor must submit a letter of recommendation to the Director of Undergraduate Research (foxk@union.edu) at least one month before departure. (NOTE: Do not send the letter to the Undergraduate Research email address. That address is only checked when UR deadlines occur.)

Receiving Funds
  • Students should contact the Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Studies in S&E S-100 to arrange for a Union College credit card to be used for all expenses. Allow one week for arranging a credit card.
  • Students are required to use the credit card for all purchases. Only in special cases where a credit card cannot be used will reimbursement be allowed. Students must submit original receipts for all expenses or they will be required to reimburse the College for the expenses.
  • With receipts, the maximum allowance for meals is $30 per day of travel, including tax and gratuities; $100 per night of travel, including tax, for room rent; and $0.505 per mile if driving one’s own car (gas expenses will not be reimbursed and cannot be paid with a College credit card, you must use the mileage reimbursement).  Additional room expenses such as movies, snacks, and drinks are not reimbursable.
  • Expenses must be reconciled within one month of return from the conference.