How to Apply to be a Tutor

Writing Tutor applications are accepted at the beginning of the spring term for employment the following year.
Submit completed applications to Dr. Mary Mar, Schaffer Library, Room 221.

Applications due Week 3 of the spring term for tutoring the following academic year

You can find the application below.
Blank application forms will also be available in the hall outside the Writing Center at the beginning of Spring Term.

Tips for getting hired as a tutor:

You'll need to be a good writer and a good student, of course. You also need to have done writing in a variety of courses.  Tutoring is a "people" job, requiring excellent interpersonal skills.  I look for people who are friendly, helpful, tactful, curious, confident, and responsible.  This is a competitive position. Writing tutors are usually among the best students on campus.

You don't need to be an English major. At Union, students write papers in every discipline. I look for tutors in a range of disciplines who have demonstrated good writing in their courses. I also need tutors who feel comfortable working with students writing papers in a wide range of courses. I'll prepare you for that and support you, but I need tutors who are prepared for, and eager for, challenging work.

Every year, many students apply, usually more than the positions available. You may be at a slight disadvantage if you're going on a term abroad in the fall because most training takes place in the fall and it's a busy term. I rarely hire first-year students because I need tutors who have experience writing in different courses at Union College and who can provide help to students at all levels of college writing.

Tutoring writing is a great job: the work is challenging and meaningful.  By encouraging others to learn, you will learn a great deal yourself.

                        Application to be a Tutor in the Writing Center
                                                 Union College

       Dr. Mary Mar, Director The Writing Center Room 221 Schaffer Library, (388-6680;

Note: The role of Writing Tutor at Union is an important one and quite challenging intellectually.  Usually
more applicants apply than I can select. I strive to select the best thinkers and writers in a variety
of disciplines who also have the ability and desire to help others improve their thinking and writing. The questions
below are designed to help you provide evidence of the academic and personal experiences that relate to these abilities.

Minimal requirements:
Union College student in any discipline
Must have completed at least one year of college coursework at Union
Must have a minimum 3.3 GPA in courses that are reading/writing based
Must demonstrate exemplary reading, writing, and speaking skills
Successful completion of a variety of WAC or other writing-based courses

Name _______________________________________________                  Date:____________________

Term and year of graduation ______________                                 Date of birth ___________________

ID #__________________                                                               Campus Box #_________________

Phone #_____________________                                       E-mail address ________________________

Home mailing address _________________________________________________________________

Different summer address? _____________________________________________________________

Academic major/minor?______________________________                   Present cum GPA: __________

List all college courses in which you have done a significant amount of writing.

Name two members of the faculty who would be able to evaluate your academic ability, interpersonal skills, etc.

Name two members of the faculty who would be able to evaluate your academic ability, interpersonal skills, etc. 

 1) What do you regard as your strongest academic areas?

2) Aside from classes, what else have you been involved in at Union? Clubs, activities, sports, jobs, etc.

3) Can you be available 6-10 hours per week (2-3 shifts, which are 2:30-5 pm weekday afternoons and

 7-10 pm evenings from Sunday thru Thursday) in the Writing Center?

4) Do you anticipate being away from the campus in the next few terms for a Term Abroad or another absence?

 If so, please state your plans, even if they are tentative now.

5) On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being excellent), rate the quality of your own writing. Try to provide a fair assessment
and explain your rating. What are your strengths? Areas you struggle with more (we all have some!)? The purpose
of this question and the next is to have you reflect on your own writing process.

6) Some writers compose more like a Mozart (quick and without much revision) while others compose more like a
Beethoven (slow, painstaking, with many changes along the way). Sometimes it differs for different kinds of writing
or at different stages of the process. Characterize your composing process as a writer in relation to Mozart and

7) Comment on any experience you've had that might be relevant to your qualifications as a tutor.

8) Do you have in mind any particular plans for a career? Be as specific or as tentative as you like.

9) What do you think are the most important qualities needed to be a good writing tutor?

10) Please write two or three paragraphs about yourself, your interest in writing,
and why you want the position. You may, if you wish, expand on answers to previous questions.

Attach or email 2 papers that you've written for different courses at Union that you think reflect your
competence as a writer. Submit an original, if possible; the paper will be returned to you. Select papers that
show your ability and range as a writer. Even if you are applying for a position as a Spanish or French
writing consultant, please submit papers written in English.