Interested in Entrepreneurship

With small classes, dedicated faculty and a highly flexible curriculum that allows you to combine majors, double major, study across departments or create your own major, Union is the perfect place to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit. Our broad range of curricular offerings enables you to put your own ideas and inspiration into action in many fields. In addition to department-based courses, several interdepartmental courses provide multidisciplinary approaches to the entrepreneurial mindset, and courses in a variety of departments examine ways in which entrepreneurs think and act. A Union education also encourages curiosity, creativity and problem-solving, further tools for entrepreneurial success.

Possible majors: A variety of majors and minors, from Economics and Engineering to Managerial Economics and Mathematics, will help students succeed in entrepreneurial endeavors and in programs of advanced study.   

Clubs and organizations: Entrepreneurship Club

Internship opportunities: Bagru Textiles, India

Opportunities abroad: Cambodia term abroad; Minerva Fellowship

Alumni Entrepreneurs:

  1. Dan Andelman ’97, VP of new media, Dave Andelman ’92, creator and CEO, and Michael Andelman ’94, VP of business development, The Phantom Gourmet multimedia enterprise
  2. Jake Anderson ’11 and Samuel Barstow ’11, founders, Forsake startup outdoor footwear brand
  3. Eli Arnow ’11 and Matt Rohrs ’10, founders, Epilogue Woods, fine furniture crafted from fallen trees
  4. Jennifer Baum ’87, president and founder, Bullfrog & Baum, PR, marketing and social media firm
  5. John Ciovacco ’87, president, Axtech Geothermal LLC
  6. John Corey ’76, president, Clever Fellows Innovation Consortium
  7. Jeremy Fritzhand ’10, founder, Bagru Textiles, India
  8. Douglass Karp ’97, co-founder, Lids; VP, New England Development
  9. Jessica Mindich ’92, founder and owner, Jewelry for a Cause
  10. Ryan Menzer ’04, co-owner, Focus Computers
  11. Andy Miller ’90, general partner, Highland Capital Partners; mobile expert and entrepreneur, Apple; co-founder and former CEO, Quattro Wireless
  12. Peter Mugford ’10, CEO and owner, Custom Universe, The Sail Loft
  13. Mike Newell ’74, CEO, Ener-G-Rotors Inc.
  14. Michael Rothstein ’95, founder, Miro Optix LLC
  15. Bobby Syed ’03, director of international sales and chief marketing officer, BullEx Digital Safety
  16. Les Trachtman ’77, CEO, Force 3
  17. Erik Walklett ’05, developer, Vantage Labs LLC
  18. Mark Walsh ’76, co-founder and CEO, GeniusRocket; senior executive fellow, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, University of Maryland