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A Sampling:

Introduction to Computer and Logic Design
With hands-on lab exercises, introduces design and analysis of modern digital circuits and how microprocessors are programmed.

Intro to Computer Science
Each intro course focuses on a different theme: robotics, games, art, science and social science applications, artificial intelligence, or engineering applications. Programming in Python or MATLAB.

Algorithm Design and Analysis
Fundamental algorithms used in a variety of applications (list processing, string processing, geometric algorithms, graph algorithms.

Computer Organization
A bottom-up approach to building all the components of a working microprocessor, beginning with simple logic gates and ending with a machine capable of running a fully recursive computer program.

Computer Network Protocols
A study of how the Internet works, including TCP/IP and application protocols.

Embedded Microcontroller Systems and Robotics
Hardware architecture and programming of microcontrollers including both assembly and higher-level languages, microcontroller robotics applications in weekly hands-on laboratory.

VLSI System Design
Cutting-edge chip design including latest advances based on nano-engineering techniques.

Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
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Computer Engineering

See where Union takes you:
  • Producer, Vicarious Visions
  • Software Engineer, Philips Healthcare
  • Vice President, Morgan Stanley
  • Systems Analyst/Software Engineer, International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Senior Engineer, General Dynamics C4 Systems
  • Consultant, AT&T
  • Development Manager, IBM Corp.
  • Senior Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • Electrical Engineer, Boston Engineering Corp.
  • Software Engineer, Siemens Corp.
  • Database Developer, AcuStream

Union College's Computer Engineering (CpE) major will provide you with a solid core of knowledge, set within the framework of a top-notch liberal arts education. Ours is a balanced program that integrates aspects of both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

You will study hardware and software design principles and take courses in digital design, operating systems, network protocols, embedded systems and robotics. This understanding of both software and hardware will allow you to view design and development as two intimately linked parts of one activity.

As the field continues to grow exponentially, the opportunities for computer engineers grow accordingly. We prepare students for immediate professional employment, graduate study and entry into related professions such as medicine, law and business administration.

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Mechanisms as minds
Computer Engineering professor John Rieffel explores morphological computation with tensegrity robots.

Through our study abroad programs, our emphasis on undergraduate research and the personal attention that we give to each student, we educate well-rounded members of society who are poised to excel in an increasingly multicultural and technological world.

Union also offers a 5-year combined B.S. in Computer Engineering and M.S. in electrical engineering in conjunction with Union Graduate College.

The Computer Engineering program is offered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, with significant parts of the curriculum supported by the Department of Computer Science. The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Commission of ABET.