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A Sampling:

Robots Rule! Introduction to Computer Science
Introduction to the field of computer science with a robotics theme. Introduces students to algorithms, basic data structures, and programming techniques. Students will build and program robots, exploring mobility, navigation, sensing, and inter-robot communication

Bioinformatics: Information Technology in the Life Sciences
Topics include pairwise and multiple sequence alignments, phylogenetic trees, gene expression analysis, and protein structure prediction

The Computer Science of Computer Games
Topics explored include: rendering of graphics to a screen, implementation of realistic simulation, use of artificial intelligence in games, handling user input, game physics, collaborative development. Final course project is a complete computer game

Artificial Intelligence
Fundamental concepts used in creating "intelligent" computer systems; semantic representation, logical deduction, natural language processing, and game playing; expert systems, knowledge-based systems, and elementary robotics

The course will cover basic algorithms necessary for motorcontrol. Building on these methods we will discuss higher level navigation for mobile robots, as well as the sensing necessary for localization of the robot in its environment. Finally we will also examine the challenges of motion planning for jointed robots with many degrees of freedom

Department of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science
Steinmetz Hall 208
807 Union Street
Schenectady, NY 12308
(518) 388-6401
 Kristina Striegnitz, Associate Professor
Kristina Striegnitz, Associate Professor

Computer Science

See where Union takes you:
  • Director of Academic Technology, Newark Academy
  • Vice President, Silverwood Partners LLC
  • Chief Information Security Officer, University of Rochester Medical Center
  • Software Engineer, IBM
  • Programmer, Veterinary Information Network
  • IT Analyst, SUNY Research Foundation
  • Business Development Executive, Hewlett–Packard Company
  • Senior Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • Contest and Partnership Manager, Autodesk
  • System Integration Analyst, Accenture
Michael Losure '04
Computer Science
Michael Losure '04
You may have seen his visual effects on the big screen.

Computer Science at Union is an interdisciplinary culture of creative problem solving that mixes theory and practice.

Alvin Andino '15

"I want to learn as much as I can about artificial intelligence, robotics, parallel computing. I love the research I'm doing, working to get a robot to recognize human gestures."

Alvin Andino '15

Our program prepares students for a range of future opportunities. Here you can choose to major in CS or pursue an interdepartmental major that combines CS with another field. You can also minor in CS, computational methods or digital media.

You will explore the field through a variety of mid-level and upper-level electives, including web programming, game development, language processing, modeling and simulation, robotics, visualization, parallel computing, user interfaces and bioinformatics.

There are also many options for combining Computer Science with other subjects, such as Electrical and Computer Engineering, Visual Arts, Biology and Neuroscience.

All Computer Science majors do an individual or team capstone project, which may lead to honors theses. There are ample opportunities to intern with major companies and engage in independent research, including Union summer research fellowships. Students may become members of Sigma Xi national scientific research society.

Our equipment and facilities are top-notch, with three computer labs available 24/7 to students. Want to use your own laptop or tablet? Sure, there's Wi-Fi all over campus. We also have a laboratory for robotics and human-computer interaction (the CRoCHET Lab – Collaborative Robotics and Computer-Human Empirical Testing).  

Need more power? The Department of Computer Science owns a 60-CPU cluster computer, and the College owns an IBM parallel machine with more than 1000 CPUs.

Complementing your academics is the chance to participate in Virtual Union. This student group runs one of the larger computer systems on campus, maintains student web pages, and gives students a chance to learn about and do system administration and web development.

Our CS students graduate with a strong knowledge base and a wealth of experience that prepares them for a very promising job market. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that computing is the field with the greatest potential for growth.