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HST-138. Big History
An exploration of the past from the Big Bang to the present, dividing the history of the universe, earth, life and humanity into very large scales of time.

HST-242. The Scientific Revolution, 1400-1700
An examination of the fundamental reorientation in the study of nature that gave rise to modern science; focus on contributions of Copernicus, Galileo, Descartes and Newton.

PHL-232. Philosophy of Science
Introduction to scientific theories, how they are tested, and scientific method, approached philosophically and through formal techniques.

PHL-247. Technology and Human Values
An examination of challenges posed by emerging technologies to traditional conceptions and values.

SOC-228. Sociology of Medicine
Sociological perspectives on health, illness, the health professions and institutions.

Science, Medicine, and Technology in Culture
Science, Medicine, and Technology in Culture
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Lippman Hall

Science, Medicine, & Technology in Culture

In today’s society, science, medicine and technology all play critical roles. You can explore the complexities and dimensions of these roles by focusing your studies on Science, Medicine and Technology in Culture.

This major is ideal for science or engineering students who want to place their interests in a social context. It is also an excellent choice for students of the humanities or social sciences who would like to study the social consequences of science and engineering.

Science, Medicine and Technology in Culture students choose courses from among 18 different disciplines, ranging from Anthropology and Astronomy to Psychology and Sociology. Core courses address such topics as the scientific revolution, the philosophy of science, technology and human values, and the sociology of medicine.

This cross-disciplinary academic program offered within the context of a small liberal arts setting engages students in some of the most pressing issues facing the modern age.