Ethics Across the Curriculum

About the Initiative

What field of study is appropriate for discussing ethical issues? Philosophy? Biology? Literature? Economics? Art? Union College, following the lead of a distinguished alumnus, Michael S. Rapaport ('59), believes Ethics is essential for every major, all across the curriculum. To prepare students to face the world of tough decisions and to empower them to exercise moral leadership, their college experience has to provide extensive training in everyday Ethics.

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Bob BakerBob Baker

Listen to Bob Baker's recent interview with Alan Chartok.

MR picMichael S. Rapaport

Read Michael's article in Teaching Ethics explaining his rationale for founding the Ethics Across the Curriculum Initiative.

Our Tasks

Some faculty members are already involved in discussing Ethics in their classrooms. The Rapaport grants will help them buy teaching materials, travel to Ethics-related conferences, organize campus activities, or bring outside speakers to Union. For professors who would like to incorporate new Ethics segments into their courses, the Initiative Team is here to provide funding, research, and support. We can help with selecting case studies and conducting discussions of everyday ethical issues related to a particular subject. 

The Michael S. Rapaport Ethics across the Curriculum grants provide an honorarium, plus funds for materials, research, travel, and guest speakers. Please click here to read a Request for Proposals and a grant application.