Delight and Instruct with the WWW:

Teaching Ethics across the Curriculum Using Online Resources

XKCD Web Comics of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language:

"Steal This Comic" (Computer Piracy)

Antivirus on Voting Machines

"Legal Hacks" (and Internet Service Providers)

"Faust 2.0" (and the End User License Agreements) Talk by Larry Lessig (Stanford Professor, expert on Copyright issues)

EVE game universe Developers' blog - Cheating in Online Game Environments Talk by Nick Bostrom on the Ethics of Emerging Technologies

Decision Making Practice

Ethics for Life

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Code of Ethics and Member Conduct

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Canadian Site. Resources and Ethics cases on Business, Healthcare, Environment, Animal Welfare, Media, Research, Computer Technology, Public Sector/Government, Decision Making, Professional, and International Ethics.

Science, Bioethics, Religion

Vanderbilt University Ethics page (Business, Education, Engineering, Computer Technology, Science)

Anthropology, Arts, Research on Captive Animals, History

Case Studies in Physics (American Physical Society)

Nanotechnology Ethics

Biology and Emerging Technologies Talk by Paul Ewald "Can We Domesticate Germs?"

Society of Professional Journalists, Journalism Ethics

Journalism Ethics Case Studies

Penn State Engineering: Ethics Cases on Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering (plus integrity, college-life case studies, and useful guides to Faculty)

National Academy of Engineering: Online Ethics

National Institute for Engineering Ethics (the code and a complete list of real cases heard from 1976 to 2001)

Engineering Subject Centre, UK



Tutorials and Case Studies from the

American Academy of Medical Ethics

BMC Medical Ethics - an open access peer-reviewed online journal

American Society for Law, Medicine, and Ethics

USPharmD+ 50 Top Medical Ethics blogs

University of Pennsylvania Center for Bioethics