Grant Recipients

Fall 2012

  • Prof. Nicole Calandra (English) English 101: Introduction to the Study of Literature: Fiction
  • Prof. Lewis Davis (Economics) ECO 381: Economics of Culture
  • Prof. Tomas Dvorak (Economics) ECO 211: Consumer Finance
  • Prof. Alvarro Jarrin (Anthropology) ANT 278: Subjectivity in the Age of Biotechnology
  • Prof. Doug Klein (Economics) FRP 100: Do We Control Technology or Does Technology Control Us?
  • Prof. Buonkong Tuon (English) English 255: Discources on the Vietnam War

Spring 2012

  • Prof. Christine Henseler (Modern Languages) MLT 294: Generation X: Global Youth Culture, SCH 150, and SPN 306: Spanish Mutant Fictioneers and IDM 111: Digital Games of Social Change

Winter 2012

  • Prof. Anastasia Pease (English): Preceptorial - Constructing the Self
  • Prof. Michele Ricci Bell (German): GER 101, 201, 110 - Trip to NYC for Staging of Brecht’s Galileo at Manhattan’s Classic Stage
  • Prof. Daniel Burns (Psychology) PSY 200: Statistical Methods in Psychology

Spring 2010

  • Prof. Shane Cotter (Engineering) ECE/BNG 377: Biometrics
  • Prof. Elizabeth Garland (Anthropology) ANT 247: Living with Globalization
  • Prof. Brian Hauser (English) English 101: Introduction to the Study of Literature: Fiction
  • Prof. Bunkong Tuon (English) EGL 255: Discourses on the Vietnam War 

Fall 2009

  • Prof. Andrea Tartaro (Computer Science) Human Computer Interaction

Spring 2009

  • Prof. Claire Bracken (English) Irish Literature and Film EGL 247
  • Prof. Daniel Burns (Psychology) PSY 200: Statistical Methods in Psychology
  • Prof. Lorraine Morales Cox (Arts) AAH208: The Business of Visual Art and Contemporary Entrepreneurship
  • Prof. Jennifer Currey (Engineering) MER/BNG 341 Cell-Tissue-Material Interactions
  • Prof. Lewis Davis (Economics) Eco 100: Introduction to Economics
  • Prof. Ashraf Ghaly (Engineering) Ethics, Technology & Society (IDM 123)
  • Prof. Melinda Lawson (History) HST 224 Introduction to Public History
  • Prof. Katherine Lynes (English) 219 African American Lit 1900 to Present
  • Prof. JillMarie Murphy (English) EGL 215: 19th Century American Romanticism

Fall 2008

  • Prof. Peter Heinegg (English) "FYP: Ethics and Ecology"
  • Prof. Linda Relyea (Sociology) Soc 360 "Domestic Violence"
  • Prof. Bunkong Tuon (English) "FYP: Good and Evil"
Spring 2008
  • Prof. Suzanne Benack (Psychology) for "Introduction to Psychology"
  • Prof. Claire Bracken (English) for "FYP: Cybercultures"
  • Prof. Katherine Lynes (English) for "African American Literature"
  • Prof. Hans Mueller (Classics) for "Entrepreneurship in the Ancient World"
  • Prof. Zoe Oxley (Political Science) for "Electoral Politics"
  • Prof. Kristina Striegnitz (Computer Science) for "Can Computers Think?"
Winter 2008
  • Prof. Lewis Davis (Economics) for "The Economics of Sin" course
  • Prof. Stacie Raucci (Classics) for "Sex and Gender in Classical Antiquity"
  • Prof. Laurie Tyler (Chemistry) for an Ethics segment in her "Inorganic Chemistry" course
Fall 2007
  • Prof. Cay Anderson-Hanley (Psychology) for "Debating Mental Illness and Involuntary Treatment"
  • Prof. Suzanne Benack (Psychology) for "Psychology of Sexuality"
  • Prof. Claire Bracken (English) for the "Preceptorial on Cyber Cultures"
  • Prof. Thomas Boland (Religious Studies) for co-curricular activities, "Topics in Contemporary American Religion and Society: War and Peace"
  • Prof. Daniel Burns (Psychology) for "Experimental Psychology"
  • Prof. Lorraine Morales Cox (Visual Arts) for the "Sophomore Research Seminar: Art and Politics"
  • Prof. Pilar Moyano (Modern Languages) for the "Contemporary Spanish Culture" term abroad
  • Prof. Linda Relyea (Sociology) for "Aging and Society"
  • Prof. Nicole Theodosiou (Biology) for "Developmental Biology"
  • Prof. Tarik Wareh (Classics) for "Greek and Roman Tragedy"
Spring 2007
  • Prof. Bob Baker and Anastasia Pease (Ethics, Philosophy, English) to attend the Ethics across the Curriculum Conference at the National University of Ireland.
  • Prof. Martin Benjamin (Visual Arts) for his "Photographing Another Culture: Vietnam" course and Photography I and II
  • Prof. Joyce Madancy (History) for her Sophomore Research Seminar "Opium: East and West"
  • Prof. Bonney MacDonald (English) for her "Literature, Culture, and Ethics in the Rangeland West" New Mexico mini-term
  • Prof. Victoria Martinez (Modern Languages) for her "Human and Civil Rights: Literature and Film of the Mexican-American Border" course
Winter 2007
  • Prof. Brendan Burns (Computer Science) for his CSC-245 "Computer Games" course
  • Prof. Jeffrey Corbin (Biology) for his ENS-100 "Introduction to Environmental Studies" course
  • Prof. Ashraf Ghaly (Engineering) for travel to the New England conference of the American Society of Engineering Education to present a paper on "Codifying Global Ethics in the Engineering Code"
  • Prof. anupama jain (English), for her "Utopian Philosophers and Fictions" course
  • Dr. Mary Mar (The Writing Center at the Schaffer Library) to attend a weekend workshop at Bard College's Institute for Writing and Thinking
  • Prof. Michael Rudko (Engineering) for ethics-related co-curricular activities and obtaining curricular materials for his ECE-497 class.
  • Prof. Jordan Smith (English) for his ENG 100 "Introduction to the Study of Literature: Poetry" course
  • Prof. Kenji Tierney (Anthropology) for his ANTH 130 "Food and the Self" course
Fall 2006
  • Professor David Baum (History) for his Fall Preceptorial "Freedom on Trial"
  • Professor Kelly Black (Mathematics) for his Fall Introduction to Statistics course
  • Professor Ashraf Ghaly (Engineering) for his GEO 204, "GIS for Humanity" course, taught Winter and Spring
  • George Gmelch (Anthropology) for his Spring "Sports, Society, and Culture" course
  • Professor Peter Heinegg (English) for his Winter Preceptorial on Secular Humanism
  • Professors Seyfollah Maleki (Physics) and Mark Walker (History) for their "Science, Medicine, and Technology in Culture" and "Physics in Politics" courses, which they plan to teach as a team
  • Professor Christopher Pizzino (English) for his Spring Science Fiction course
  • Professor Gregory Reid (Chemistry) for his Organic Chemistry course, taught Fall and Winter
  • Professor Channette Romero (English) for her Fall "American-Indian Women Writers" course
  • Professor Tom Werner (Chemistry) for his Spring "Chemistry and Athletic Performance" course