Speaker Series

The lunch workshop and speaker series organized by the Ethics Across the Curriculum initiative invites experts in ethics and related fields to Union to engage undergraduate faculty and college staff in a dialogue that will increase the understanding and accessibility of ethics teaching.  Once per term a member of the initiative's team (typically Dr. Baker) will discuss particular ethical issues or teaching techniques for introducing ethical concepts into curricula.  In addition, at the end of each term, faculty who have received Ethics Across the Curriculum funding are invited to a "Report from the Trenches" session where they discuss their experience incorporating ethics segments into the classroom. 

Spring 2012

  • April 25th 12:50-1:50pm - Everest Lounge - Report from the Trenches Lunch Workshop featuring,
    • Michele Ricci Bell (German) - Ger101, 201, 110  trip to NYC for Staging of Brecht’s Galileo at Manhattan’s Classic Stage
    • Dan Burns (Psychology) - PSY: 300 Research Methods in Psychology
    • Christine Henseler (Spanish) - MLT 294: Generation X: Global Youth Culture, SCH 150; SPN 306: Spanish Mutant Fictioneers; and IDM 111: Digital Games of Social Change

Winter 2012

  • February 16th 12:50-1:50pm - Phi Beta Kappa Room - Lunch Workshop titled, "Learning Under Our New Honor Code" featuring Dean Therese McCarty, Prof. Linda Cool and Prof. Bob Baker

Fall 2011

  • October 19th 12:50-1:50 pm - Everest Lounge - Lunch Workshop titled, "Darwin's The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals" presented by Bernard Gert

Spring 2011

  • May 4th 12:50-1:50pm - Phi Beta Kappa Room - Report from the Trenches
  • Relativism Workshop Series (all events in Everest Lounge):
    • May 25th 12:50-1:50pm "Are You a Relativist" presented by Bob Baker, Professor of Philosophy and Director, Ethics Acros the Curriculum
    • May 25th 4-6pm "Reasoning about Relativism" presented by Mark Wunderlick, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    • May 26th 12:50-1:50pm "Relativism, Nuremberg, and Human Rights" presented by Bob Baker, Professor of Philosophy and Director, Ethics Across the Curriculum

Winter 2011

  • February 15th 12:50-1:50pm Everest Lounge - Report from the Trenches

Fall 2010

  • November 4th 12:50-1:50pm Everest Lounge - Report from the Trenches featuring,
    • Brian Hauser, English – Introduction to Study of Literature: Fiction
    • Shane Cotter, Engineering – Ethics and Biometrics
    • Elizabeth Garland, Anthropology – Living with Globalization
    • Bunkong Tuon, English – Discourses on the Vietnam War
    • Stacie Raucci, Tarik Wareh, Hans Mueller, Classics – Ethics in the Classical Worl

Spring 2010

  • May 11th 12:50-1:50pm Everest Lounge - "Ethics in Warfare: Israeli and American Perspectives and the Just War Tradition" presented by Noam Zohar
  • May 6th 12:50-1:50pm Everest Lounge - "Report from the Trenches"
  • Rawls Workshop Series (all events in Phi Beta Kappa room):
  • April 26th 12:50-1:50pm Everest Lounge - Committee on Teaching and ExC sponsors, "Re-Introducing an Honor Code at Union College" presented by the Student-Faculty Subcommittee on Academic Integrity
  • April 15th 12:50-1:50pm Everest Lounge - "Re-Introducing an Honor Code at Union College" presented by the Student-Faculty Subcommittee on Academic Integrity

Winter 2009

  • January 14th 12:50-1:50pm Everest Lounge - "Justice and Punishment in Literature and Philosophy" by Leo Zaibert, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy, Union College and Anna Schur, Associate Professor, Department of English, Keene State College.  Articles by Anna Schur: "Shades of Justice" and "Punishment in Late Tolstoy."
  • February 11th 12:50-1:50pm Everest Lounge - "Kitchen Ethics" by Bob Baker, Director of Ethics Across the Curriculum
  • March 4th 12:50-1:50pm Everest Lounge - "Report from the Trenches"

Fall 2009

  • September 25th - "Integrating Ethics into Technical Course: A Primer" by Michael Davis, Professor, Philosophy; Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • October 8th - "Ethics and Economics: Some Unanswered Questions" by Rashi Fein, Professor of Economics of Medicine, Emeritus, Harvard University Department of Global Health and Social Medicine
  • November 5th - Report from the Trenches