Recent Physics Graduates

There is life after Union. Here is a listing of some recent physics graduates and where they went. This includes people who majored or had a minor in physics. If you would like to correct or update information on this list, please send an email to the webmaster.

Class of 2010

Congratulations to the Graduates of the Class of 2010!

Graduates of the Class of 2010, with faculty.

Brandon Bartell - Ph.D. program at UNC-Chapel Hill

Alex Handin - grad school at Boston University

Ben Miles - grad school (math) at Rutgers

Shivani Pathak - medical school

Class of 2009

Dave Barker

Anna Gaudette

Tom Perry - Minerva Fellow in Uganda, then grad school at U. of Wisconsin

Class of 2008

Physics and Astronomy graduates 2008.

Scott Alfano - Law School at the University at Albany

Paul Amy

Justin Blau

Richard Bonventre - Ph.D. program at the University of Pennsylvania

Caleb Bower - Working for Allstate

Nathan Calabro - Astronomy TA in New Hampshire

Steve Cohen - Looking for actuarial work

Michael Gillin - Ph.D. program at University of Kentucky.

Elliot Imler - Working as a lab tech in neuroscience

Dana Lasher

Bilal Mahmood - medical school at Dartmouth

Matthew Newman

Stephen Po-Chedley - Minerva Fellow in Uganda, then grad school at U. of Washington

Christian Shultz - Ph.D. program at Old Dominion University

Crystal Smith

Shawn Wamser

Adam Wolf - Education program at Boston College


Tom Mazur, Mike Mastroianni, Bob Marvel, and Matt Roginski.

Nate Hawes - Taking a year off before graduate school

Sean Kane

Alex Krickx

Sam Madden

Robert Marvel - Working for Starfire Systems

Michael Mastroianni - Ph.D. program in physics education at University of Albany

Tom Mazur - Ph.D. program in physics at Texas

Charles McCaleb

James Read - Working for a year before graduate school

Matt Roginski - Medical school at University at Buffalo

Joshua Smith

Luther Vucic - Master's program in Physiology at Georgetown


Physics and Astronomy graduates of the class of 2006.

Rob Katuska - Working as an actuary in Connecticut.

Justin King - MAT program at Stony Brook.

Fatima Mahmood - Ph.D. program in Math at Cornell.

Matt Martin - Ph.D. program in physics at RPI.

Aaron Morris - Graduate school in geography.

Nicole Sabbatino - Teaching high school physics on Long Island.

Ian Schaefer - Working before graduate school.

Amy Serfis - Graduate school in physics.

Emily Ulanski - Ph.D. program in physics at Rutgers.


Physics and Astronomy Majors from the class of 2005

Evan Leibner - PhD program in chemistry at Penn State.

Mike Welsh - Looking for a job teaching high school physics.

Alyssa Maloney - Looking for work in consulting, considering an MBA.

Garrett Nilsen - Traveling before beginning work in cutting-edge technology.

Ryan McMartin - Working while applying to dental school.

Barnaby Frumess (not pictured) - Applying to grad school in California.


Physics and Astronomy graduates from the Class of 2004

Shaun Kennedy - PhD program in biophysics at the University of Michigan.

Jason Slaunwhite - PhD program in physics at the Ohio State University.

Jackson Reed - PhD program at RPI.

Eric Greenwood - PhD program in physics at SUNY Buffalo.

Brian Rice (not pictured) - working before a possible MBA.


Physics and Astronomy graduates from the Class of 2003 Jim Anderson - PhD program, SUNY-Buffalo.

Joel Ott

Greg Schwanbeck - Teaching high school physics in Massachusetts.

Joe Cefaly - PhD program in physics at UConn.

Colin Fletcher - Applications Engineer at Zygo Corp.

Nate Emerson - PhD program in physics at Stony Brook.

Smitesh Bakrania (not pictured) - Graduate program in mechanical engineering at U of Michigan.


Anna Hurst — working in San Francisco for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific

Jessica LaVine — working for Raytheon Corp.

Patrick Strong — working in financial services

Renee Rinaldi — Teach for America in NYC

Giles Siddons — Received MS in Physics from University of Illinois Champagne-Urbana


Holly Burnside — coordinator for education and outreach in the College of Engineering at Drexel Univeristy

Mark Kostuk — graduate school at UC San Diego

Fred von Stein — Ph.D. program in biophysics at Cornell

Seth Madison — working for X-Ray Optical Systems

Alex Dieudonne — PhD program in neurobiology at U. Washington


Marin Richardson — Data Analyst at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore

Peter Zannitto — recently completed PhD in physics at Brown, working for Shell

Rebecca Friedman — Teach for America

Peter Tomasi — employed at IBM

Adam Bradshaw — MAT program at Union to teach high school physics

Alex Militello — in graduate school

Gabe Agnello — working for CVI Laser Optics