Courses and Requirements 2011-2012

Women’s and Gender Studies

Director: Associate Professor A. Foroughi (History)

Faculty: Professors V. Barr (Computer Science), L. Marso (Political Science), T. Meade (History); Associate Professors S. Raucci (Classics), J. Lewin (English), A. Feffer (History), C. Batson, M. Chilcoat (Modern Languages), J. Matsue (Music), Z. Oxley (Political Science), D. Hill Butler (Sociology), D. Ogawa (Visual Arts); Assistant Professor C. Bracken (English); Lecturer G. Donaldson (Psychology); G. Golderman (Schaffer Library)

Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program that includes more than 50 courses offered in art and humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Offering a critical perspective that places gender at the center of analysis, Women’s and Gender Studies reexamines traditional beliefs, supports new kinds of research, explores feminist theory, and enables students to better understand the societal positions and global processes affecting both women and men throughout the world. Women’s and Gender Studies courses probe the way cultures construct concepts of gender, introducing students to differences of class, race, ethnic, and sexual orientation in a range of societies. Students are encouraged to think about gender and racial stereotypes and to become aware of unexamined assumptions about sexual and gender differences.

Requirements for the Major: Twelve courses, including Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS 100), The Capstone Course, often taught as Feminist Film (WGS-495), and a two-term senior thesis. The remaining eight courses must be selected from a listing of more than 50 WGS courses offered in a number of departments and crossing at least two of the College’s four divisions. A one-term internship at a designated locale in the Capital District is recommended and can be counted as one of the eight required courses (see director for details). Students should confer with the program director in designing and fulfilling their requirements.

Requirements for Honors: Candidates for honors must meet College requirements, have a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 in Women’s and Gender Studies, at least three “A” or “A-minus” grades in Women’s and Gender Studies courses, and have earned an “A” or “A-minus” on the senior thesis. Departmental honors is formally awarded at the discretion of the director of Women’s and Gender Studies in consultation with the faculty executive committee.

Requirements for the Minor: Six courses, including Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS-100), Capstone Course on Feminist Film (WGS 495), and four remaining courses with WGS designation from at least two divisions (in consultation with the director).

Requirements for the Interdepartmental Major: Eight courses, including Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS-100), Capstone Course on Feminist Film (WGS-495), four remaining courses with WGS designation from at least two divisions, and a senior thesis on a subject that examines gender, women, and/or feminism. One term of the senior thesis counts towards the WGS major. One-term internship is recommended (see major requirements above). Students should confer with the program director in designing and fulfilling their requirements.

WGS-100. Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (Fall; Marso, Winter; Foroughi). A team-taught course serving as an interdisciplinary introduction to the findings of feminist scholarship on gender and women. The course is broad in scope and covers topics in feminist theory, the social construction of gender, and issues affecting women’s and men’s lives throughout the world.

WGS-479. Internship in Women’s and Gender Studies. An internship experience in local agencies, social services, law and media centers, women’s advocacy groups, childcare centers, gay and lesbian organizations, with health care providers, and others. The goal is to develop students’ knowledge of and ability to analyze organizations that deal with gender and women’s issues and communities. Prerequisite, sophomore standing and permission of the director.

WGS-495. Capstone Course on Women and Gender Theory (Spring; Lewin). A required interdisciplinary course designed as the culmination of the major, currently taught as Feminist Film. Students will be expected to bring their knowledge of Women’s and Gender Studies to critically examine a series of feminist films. This course reinforces and provides a coherent perspective on the major issues in the discipline and affords an opportunity to reflect upon the importance of the chosen major and/or minor focus in light of these issues. Prerequisite WGS-100.

WGS-498, 499. Senior Thesis. A student directed two-term project culminating in a thesis representing the depth and breadth of knowledge attained in Women’s and Gender Studies interdisciplinary course work. Student theses in WGS are usually advised by the current director, but can be advised by any faculty member in WGS in consultation with the director.

Courses in Women's and Gender Studies

Art History

AAH 223 The Nude


ANT 125 Anthro Perspective: Childhood

ANT 139 Family & Kinship

ANT 225 Gender & Society

ANT 230 Medical Anthropology

ANT 272 Psychological Anthropology

ANT 184/135 Contemporary Japanese Society


CLS 146 Sex & Gender in Classical Antiquity


ECO 237 Gender Issues in Economics


EGL 237 18th-20th Century Women Writers

EGL 238 Jewish Women Writers

EGL 253 American Sentimental Novel

EGL 254 Literary Hauntings

EGL 256 Rise of the Novel

EGL 257 19th Century Novel

EGL 302 Jr. Sem: Literary Theory

EGL 305 Jr. Sem: Kingston & Morrison

EGL 311 Jr Sem: Irish Literature & Sexual Identity


FRN 308 Women on Top: French Narrative

FRN 400 Whose Enlightenment?

FRN 402 Sex, Lives & Videotape


HST 125 America in the Sixties

HST 126 Since Yesterday US 1974-2000

HST 171 Europe & the Americas in the Era of Columbus

HST 172 Reform & Revolution in Latin America

HST 209 Race, Gender, Nation & Sports

HST 212 Colonial & Victorian Women

HST 213 Women in Modern America

HST 222 Women in American Ideas

HST 267 The Tudor & Stewart Queens

HST 284 Women in China & Japan

HST 286 Women in South Asia

HST 312 History of Women's Rights

HST 341 Women in British History

HST 372 History of Latin American Women

Interdisciplinary Studies

IDM 210 The Culture of Respect

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

LAS 200T Women, Environment, Soc. Change

Modern Languages in Translation

MLT 203 Asian American Film & Performance

MLT 250 Japanese Sociolinguistics

MLT 281 Identities in Latin American Cinema

MLT 288 Torture & Dictatorship in Latin America

MLT 286T Contemporary Brazilian Cinema


AMU 221 East Asian Music Cultures

Political Science

PSC 235 African-American Political Thought

PSC 333 20th Century American Political Thought

PSC 339 Seminar: Political Theory

PSC 385 Women & Politics

PSC 343R Women & Politics in the Muslim World


PSY 245 Psychology of Sex Roles

PSY 345 Women & Psychology

Religious Studies

REL 255 Religion, the Body, & Sexuality


SOC 204 Social Construction Deviance

SOC 205 Social Work & Human Services

SOC 206 Aging & Society

SOC 212 Sociology of the Family

SOC 231 Sex & Gender in America

SOC 284 Sociology of Women & Health

SOC 346 African-American Women

SOC 360 Domestic Violence

SOC 362 Family & Community Services

SOC 364 Sex & Motherhood


SPN 309 Golden Age Spanish Theatre

SPN 326 Women Weaving Histories

SPN 330 Mexican Women’s Short Fiction

SPN 350 Visions and Voices

SPN 380 Gender & Nation in Hispanic Literature

SPN 402 Cross-Dressing in Hispanic Literature & Film

SPN 417 Death & Revenge in the South Cone

Terms Abroad

TAB 321T Buenos Aires Mini Term

Women's and Gender Studies

WGS 100 Introduction to Women's & Gender Studies

WGS 495 Capstone: Feminist Film

WGS 495 Capstone: Queer Theory

WGS 495 Capstone: The Bronte Sisters