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The College as Students Experience It

Parents Weekend - Unfiltered » Cam ’16
My parents and my girlfriend came to visit me Saturday […]

Flying Houndz Frisbee Trick Dog Show - Unfiltered » Mary ’16
I didn’t see the actual show, but there was a sne […]

Finally Fall - Unfiltered » Jordan ’15
We’ve had some pretty crazy weather at Union duri […]

Union Rakes - Unfiltered » Jamal ’17
Last Saturday was John Calvin Toll Day of Service. The […]

The 5 Most Important Things I’ve Learned Living Off-Campus - Unfiltered » Maura ’15
As much as I hate to say it, this is my final year at U […]

dear graduating seniors, - Unfiltered » Cat ’14
If life were a book, Union would be my favorite chapter […]

Ending the Year Early - Unfiltered » Xavier ’16
As I’m sure most people are aware, Union is on a […]

My Finals Playlist - Unfiltered » Scott ’17
There is nothing better than music for catalyzing study […]

Elected!!! - Unfiltered » Mike ’16
This week, I ran for office. I wanted to get involve in […]

Boulevard Bowl - Unfiltered » Anastasia ’17
You know when people tell you that there are so many th […]