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There is never any need to pay money to get a scholarship.  When searching, be cautious with personal information.
Sallie Mae

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Big Sun Scholarship
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Price Benowitz Public Interest Law Scholarship
Rockhound Scholarship
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A Place for Mom
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BBG Communications Youth Volunteer Scholarship Award

Abbott and Fenner Business Consultants
AES Engineers (not limited to engineering students) Working Student Scholarship
CustomMade Products
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The Gates Millenium Scholars Program
Global English Editing Scholarship Program
Hidden Triforce Scholarship Program
Interior-Deluxe Scholarship Program
Look Twice, Save A Life Scholarship
The Ornament Shop


Sage Scholars

An elective scholarship program that allows families who are saving for college by investing or making deposits with participating 529 Plans, banks, credit unions and other institutions/employers to earn "points" (similar to frequent flyer mileage points) that can be redeemed for guaranteed minimum scholarships for up to the cost of tuition. The scholarships are spread evenly over four undergraduate years. The Tuition Rewards program is coordinated nationally by an independent organization, Savings And Growth for Education (SAGE). One point has a value of one dollar. Families participating in Tuition Rewards need to submit the Student's rewards statement to Union College at the time of application for admission. This is done by the "sponsor" by logging onto the "Account Statement" page at and forwarding the rewards statement to Union College. Statements submitted after we have prepared a financial aid package for the Student may invalidate use of Tuition Rewards.