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Flexible scheduling, with popular classes offered more than once a year

Time for research, arts, athletics, volunteering or internships

The ability to study abroad in even the most structured majors, such as engineering


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Whether you can spend an hour, an afternoon or a full day, Union has a visit option for you.

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Union is 20 minutes west of Albany, 3 hours north of N.Y.C. and west of Boston.

The Trimester System

Designed for You

Union's academic year is divided into three 10-week terms, with three classes each term and a winter break of approximately six weeks.

What can you with your time off? Plenty! Jump into jobs and internships, go on international mini-terms, do research, volunteer, refresh and relax.

Jordan PullingJORDAN PULLING '15
Major: Environmental Science

What I really love about Union’s trimester system is that you never get bored and there is always change. The classes are fast-paced and exciting, and you get to choose classes three times per year, which makes finishing a sequence of courses a breeze.


Carly AimiCARLY AIMI '08
Major: Classics

Union was the only school in the country whose calendar allowed me to be a serious athlete (women's hockey) and study overseas. In addition, because of trimesters, you get internships when no one else is competing.


David ThaiDAVID THAI '17
Anticipated major: Organizing Theme (self-designed), with a concentration in visual arts, digital media and theater

The trimester system lets me balance my academic and extracurricular priorities. Having three classes is not as stressful as taking five, and I can really focus on each subject. I am also able to join clubs and organize campus events. I’m the president of UBreak, our breakdancing club, and I have a lot of flexibility in planning for practices and performances in all three terms.


Majors: Political Science and Chinese, Interdepartmental

I loved trimesters! The fast-paced schedule opened a door to more opportunities to learn fascinating topics. As a modern languages/political science major, I was still able to take architecture, World War II history, economics and many other topics – with room to spare. A trimester allocates just the right amount of time for you to get an intense exposure to a topic and determine if you want to pursue that topic more or move on to another. I feel like a better-rounded person in the work force because of it. 


Caelan LaPointeCAELAN LAPOINTE '15
Majors: Mechanical Engineering and Japanese, Interdepartmental

As an engineer with a minor in the humanities, I do a lot of schedule juggling. Having trimesters gives me flexibility, allowing me to complete requirements for engineering and also take Japanese courses. I was able to study in Japan my junior year without falling behind in engineering. Although we get out later in June than some schools, I also really appreciate our extended winter break. One winter, I used it to go on the mini-term to New Zealand.