Where Union Goes to Eat

Here are some recommended local restaurants to try while you're in town:

Some of our Admissions staff's favorite places to eat:

Ann Fleming Brown, director:
"I love Ambition for its delicious sandwich and local coffee shop flavor, and Cella Bistro for tapas or dinner."

Vernon Castillo, senior associate director:
"Cornell's good, traditional Italian food, perfect for a special occasion or any time."

Susan Hanks, senior associate dean:
"For lunch, Aperitivo Bistro has such interesting sandwiches and salads, and the ambience is modern, urban, airy, relaxing."

Matt Malatesta '91, vice president:
"Café Nola is a great lunch stop for New Orleans cuisine, and Gershon's is the best deli North of New York City."

Abbey Massoud-Tastor '07, senior assistant dean:
"I enjoy the Van Dyck for its large menu, fresh food and good service. Plus, the Stockade is a great location for a walk."

Aaron Ray '10, assistant dean:
"Marotta's Bar-Risto, just a few blocks from campus, is new to the area and serves gourmet, brick oven pizza. The Il Greco is a must try."