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Cluster system


Cluster Search Engine

Part C of the new General Education Program is called “Making Connections across Disciplines,” also known as “Clusters.”

Clusters are designed to “Prompt awareness of interdisciplinary connections by requiring students to take 3 courses in an approved cluster, from at least 2 different departments. Possibilities would include 3 courses in any of the existing ID programs and/or clusters of courses proposed by faculty groups and approved by the General Education Board.”

All students should declare their cluster in the webadvising system by the end of their Sophomore year.

Note that the cluster requirement can also be satisfied by completing any Interdisciplinary Program or Organizing Theme major or minor.

This Cluster Search Engine enables you to view courses in each cluster and decide which you would be interested in taking. The Search Engine shows both all courses in a given cluster, and also which courses are offered, by term.

You may search for cluster courses in several ways:

Search by Dept.


Search by cluster