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Africana Studies

The study of history, culture, intellectual heritage, and social development of people of African descent.


Deidre Hill Butler
phone: 8070


AAH 460 Visual Culture
ADA 052 Dance in America
AFR 100 Introduction To Africana Studies
AMU 131 Music of Black America
AMU 132 History of Jazz
AMU 133 Music of Latin America
AMU 134 Music and Culture of Africa
ANT 186 The Political Economy of Southern Africa
ANT 187 Postcolonial Africa
ANT 191 Global Africa
ANT 192 African Ethnographies
ANT 287 Postcolonial Africa    
CLS 110 Ancient Egypt: History and Religion
EGL 216 Afr-Am Lit: Beginnings to 1900
EGL 219 African-Amer Lit 1900- Present
EGL 240 Black Women Writers
EGL 274 Intro to Black Poetry
EGL 310 Junior Sem: Harlem Renaissance
FRN 304 Studies in French Caribbean
FRN 305T Mini-Term in Martinique
FRN 307 Negritude Movement
FRN 430 Topic: West African Oral Lit
FRN 431 Voices of Francophone Litertur
FRN 432 Imagining Algeria: Representations of Algeria in French and Francophone Literature and Film
HST 107 Africa to 1800
HST 108 Modern Africa 1800-Present
HST 109 African Slave Trade
HST 131 African-American History 1
HST 132 African-American History 2
HST 171 Europe & Americas:Columbus Era
HST 172 Reform & Revolution in Lat Am
HST 201 Contemporary Africa
HST 202 Slavery in African History
HST 209 Race Gender Nation & Sports
HST 231 Civil Rights Movement
HST 232 Race & Law in Amer History
HST 233 Gender & Afro-American Hist
HST 270 Latin American Popular Culture
HST 272 History of Brazil
HST 273 History of Caribbean/Cent Amer
HST 274 LatAm Social&PoliticalMovemnt
HST 277T Civil Rights Mini-Term
HST 278T South Africa Mini-Term
HST 302 Comparing Muslim Societies
HST 315 Race and the Constitution
HST 322 Slavery and Freedom
HST 324 Race in American Memory
HST 362 Black Britain
HST 372 Hist of Latin Amer Women
HST 401 Seminar: Islam in Africa
HST 402 Seminar: French Empire
HST 411 Sem:Constitution Wrtg&Ratific
MLT 213 West African Oral Lit
MLT 283 Lit & Politics in Caribbean
MLT 284 Pop Religion & Pol in Lat Amer
PSC 216 African Politics
PSC 235 African-Amer Political Thought
PSC 240 Compartive Ethnic & Racial Pol
PSC 256 Model United Nations
PSC 263 Politics of Poverty & Welfare
PSC 267 Race & Amer Political System
PSC 284 Political Sociology
PSC 333 20C American Pol Thought
SOC 230 African-Amer in Cont Society
SOC 233 Race
SOC 240 Political Sociology
SOC 245 Soc of Developing Countries
SOC 265 Sociology of Human Rights
SOC 320 Africa:Social & Demographic
SOC 323T Survey of Brazilian Society
SOC 346 African-American Women
SPN 209T Mexican Civilization
SPN 332 Intro Afro-Hisp Lit & Culture
SPN 381 The Contemporary Cuban Narrative
SPN 431 Colonial Span Amer: 1492-1800
SPN 432 Race Politics & Diasporas in Hispanic Caribbean
SPN 433 Lat Am Film Col Crsrds Movies
SWA 100 Swahili
WGS 240 Black Women Writers
WGS 283 Race
WGS 333 20th Century Amer Pol Thought
WGS 376 African-American Women
WGS 460 Visual Culture

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Cluster courses available in Africana Studies fall of 2012