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International Affairs and Global Studies

The International Affairs and Global Studies cluster offers courses that stress the importance of a broad-based international perspective on economic, political, technological, scientific, and cultural issues. The cluster stresses relations between and among nations, regions, peoples, and borders (the international community) and the world as a whole (the global community). The courses in this cluster enrich students’ understanding of the concerns that affect our entire humanity at any given time and the complexity of issues that contribute and influence the diversity of our world views. Students are highly encouraged to achieve proficiency in a foreign language and to supplement the courses taken in this cluster with courses from the Modern Languages and Literatures department, courses in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, East Asian Studies, Africana Studies, Russian and Eastern European Studies, and with experiences on terms abroad, international internships and community work.


John Cramsie
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AMU 120 Intro to World Music
AMU 125 World Religions & Music
ANT 112 Crossing Cultures
ANT 135 Fundamentalism Around Globe
ANT 148 Intro to World Music
ANT 220 Women's Lives Across Cultures
ANT 228 Cross-Cultural Perspe on Race
ANT 235 Fundamentalism around the Globe
ANT 243 Anthropology & International Development
ANT 247 Living With Globalization
ANT 260 Tourists & Tourism
ANT 280 India: Paradoxes of the 21st Century
ANT 282 Business Government Power
ECE 111 Infotech and Society
ECO 227 Topics in Labor
ECO 331 E-Commerce Economics
ECO 332 Eco of Technological Change
ECO 354 International Economics
ECO 376 Seminar: Global Eco Issues
ECO 383 Seminar:International Finance
ENS 100 Intro to Environ Studies W/Lab
ENS 200 Energy
ENS 201 Food for a Planet
ENS 251 Environ Science & the Atmosphr
GEO 104 Geological Perspect on Energy
GEO 254 Global Climate Change
HST 105 History & Society
HST 106 Titans & Their Times
HST 172 Reform & Revolution in Lat Am
HST 184 Making of Modern India 1800-1947
HST 192 Construction for Humanity
HST 193 Science
HST 194 Modern History of Middle East
HST 270 Latin American Popular Culture
HST 271 History of Mexico
HST 273 History of Caribbean/Cent Amer
HST 274 LatAm Social&PoliticalMovemnt
HST 286 Women in South Asia
HST 302 Comparing Muslim Societies
HST 332 Transnational America
HST 372 Hist of Latin Amer Women
IDM 260 Social Entrepreneurship
MLT 290 Person Possession Modern China
PHL 255 On War and Killing
PSC 112 Intro Global Politics
PSC 217R Global Value Chains
PSC 242R Democracy Challenges in Lat Am
PSC 251 American Foreign Policy
PSC 252 International Organizations
PSC 253 Interntl Politics in East Asia
PSC 254R Arab-Israeli Conflict Politics
PSC 255 Politics of International Security
PSC 259 Wealth & Power Among Nations
PSC 280T Internship in Washington DC
PSC 335 Police Security and Biopower
PSC 343 Women and Politics in the Muslim World
PSC 350 International Politic Theories
PSC 355 Defense Policy
PSC 359 Seminar (topics vary)
SOC 305 History:Sociological Thought
SPN 332 Intro Afro-Hisp Lit & Culture
SPN 381 The Contemporary Cuban Narrative
SPN 434 Christians Jews and Muslims: Cultural Exchanges in Early Modern Spain and “Converso” Culture in the
SPN 473 Re-Viewing Spanish Cinema
WGS 231 Women's Lives Across Cultures
WGS 343 Women & Politics in Muslim Wld

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Cluster courses available in International Affairs and Global Studies fall of 2012