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Politics and Power in Latin America and the Caribbean

This cluster explores the interplay between politics and power in Latin America and the Caribbean. Emphasis is placed on governmental and economic forces within an international framework. Students in this cluster must take one of the History courses on the list.


Daniel Mosquera
phone: x6415


ANT 183 Peoples & Cultures of Lat Amer
ECO 354 International Economics
ECO 376 Seminar: Global Eco Issues
HST 135 Latinos(as) in US History
HST 171 Europe & Americas:Columbus Era
HST 172 Reform & Revolution in Lat Am
HST 270 Latin American Popular Culture
HST 271 History of Mexico
HST 272 History of Brazil
HST 273 History of Caribbean/Cent Amer
HST 274 LatAm Social&PoliticalMovemnt
HST 311 Frontiers in the Americas
HST 323 Race & Revolutn in US & Caribbean
HST 332 Transnational America
HST 370 Colloquium: Latin Amer Hist
HST 370T History of Jamaica Mini-Term
HST 372 Hist of Latin Amer Women
HST 471 Seminar: Latin American Hist
LAS 200T Women Environ Soc Change
MLT 282 N/S Rel and Diasporic Politics
MLT 283 Lit & Politics in Caribbean
MLT 284 Pop Religion & Pol in Lat Amer
MLT 288 Torture & Dictatorship in LA
PSC 241 Religion & Politics
PSC 241R Religion and Politics
PSC 242R Democracy Challenges in Lat Am
PSC 243 Latin American Politics
PSC 245 Populisms
PSC 259 Wealth & Power Among Nations
PSC 335 Police Security and Biopower
SPN 325 One-Act Mexican Theater
SPN 325T One-Act Mexican Theater
SPN 332 Intro Afro-Hisp Lit & Culture
SPN 333 Latin American Short Story
SPN 380 Gender&Nation in Hispanic Lit
SPN 381 The Contemporary Cuban Narrative
SPN 401 Latin American Narrative
SPN 416 Testimonio Writings in Cen Am
SPN 417 Death & Revenge in South Cone
SPN 431 Colonial Span Amer: 1492-1800
SPN 432 Race Politics & Diasporas in Hispanic Caribbean
TAB 272T Politics and Economy of Spain
TAB 321T Buenos Aires Mini -Term
TAB 326T Brazil Mini-Term Abroad
WGS 161 Europe&Americas:Columbus Era
WGS 163 Reform & Revolution in Lat Am
WGS 225 Jr.Sem: Post-Colon Lit Theory
WGS 288 Torture & Dictatorship in LA
WGS 328T Buenos Aires Miniterm
WGS 352 Hist of Latin Amer Women
WGS 417 Death & Revenge in South Cone

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Cluster courses available in Politics and Power in Latin America and the Caribbean fall of 2012