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Visual Arts: Art History

Art history courses at Union cover a wide range of historical topics, FROM ancient to contemporary. The focus is on Western and Asian art in all media with particular emphasis on contextual and interdisciplinary approaches.

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Clusters that have Visual Arts: Art History department courses

Africana Studies
Asia in Motion
China: From Yao to Mao to Yao
Critical Film and Photography Studies
Entrepreneurial Thinking
Japan: From Amaterasu to Anime
Latino/a Studies
Ordering the West From Ancients to Moderns
Religious Studies
Classical Tradition of the West and its Roots
Art and Technology
Art and Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean
The Cold War
Queer Studies
Critical Race and Ethnic Studies

Cluster courses available in Visual Arts: Art History department

AAH 101 Intro to Art History 1
AAH 102 Intro to Art History 2
AAH 103 Intro to Art History 3
AAH 104 Arts of China
AAH 105 Arts of Japan
AAH 200 Classical Art & Architecture
AAH 201 Islamic Art and Architecture
AAH 203 Medieval Art/Arch of North Eur
AAH 206 Hist of Architecture:15-18th C
AAH 207 Artists Art and Entrepreneurship in Western Europe 1300-1700
AAH 208 The Business of Visual Art
AAH 209 The Art of the Book
AAH 220 History of Photography 1
AAH 221 History of Photography 2
AAH 223 The Nude
AAH 263 Latin American & Caribbean Art
AAH 280 Buddhist Art
AAH 287 Tibetan Art
AAH 300 Italian Art & Architecture
AAH 309 Hist of Gardens/Landscape Arch
AAH 366 Contemporary Art & Theory
AAH 460 Visual Culture

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No Cluster courses available in AAH fall of 2014