Cascade - Images

If your image is not already on Cascade Server, you will need to upload it. Often images must first be edited using any photo editing program such as Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Photoshop, or Gimp.

To Add an Image to a Page:

  •  Click your cursor where you want the image to appear on the page and then click the Insert/edit image icon on the toolbar.
  • The insert image window offers two tabs – one for internal images and one for external. We are going to insert an image that is already in the system, so we’ll stay on the default Internal tab.
  • Click the file icon next to Image.
  • In the new image chooser window, click the images folder on the left pane and select the image file you want to insert.
  • With the image selected, click Confirm to close the window.

Inserting Images to a Page

After uploading an image it can be inserted into a page by simply clicking on the insert image icon and selecting the image:

Inserting an Image