Submit an Event

The Office of Alumni Relations is taking event requests for ReUnion 2015 (May 29 - 31).

Faculty, students, staff and alumni are welcomed and encouraged to participate in ReUnion weekend.

ReUnion 2015 Deadlines

February 27: All event requests should be submitted to Rhonda Engvold.

March 20: All text for online and printed schedule should be submitted to Rhonda Engvold.

March 31: Deadline to have your event listed in the printed schedule of events to be handed on the weekend.

May 1: Deadline to submit requests to facilities, media services, and/or dining services.


More than 100 events are planned over the weekend, your consideration to meet these deadlines is greatly appreciated.

Alumni Relations can assist and may coordinate requests for facilities, audio and visual and dining services on a case by case basis. 

Contact Rhonda Engvold directly at (518) 388-6476 or the Office of Alumni Relations at (518) 388-6168.