Scholarship Funds

Thank you to all donors who have endowed scholarships, who are making a difference in our students lives each and every year.

We experienced an increase in the number of students seeking financial assistance as well as an overall increase in the level of financial need of our families. Thanks to your generosity, Union College has been able to continue in its commitment to making a Union education affordable through generous scholarship support. We are extremely proud of our financial aid options at Union, and are committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of the student regardless of their particular economic circumstances. Take a minute to read through these encouraging facts:


Union’s comprehensive financial aid program includes more than $60 million in aid from Union’s own resources and from federal, state, institutional and other agencies.


More than $39 million in scholarships are awarded directly from Union each year.


More than 60 percent of all Union students receive some kind of financial assistance.


We have more than 400 named endowed scholarships that have donors or family members who receive stewardship about their scholarships as well as thank you letters from their student recipients each year

If you have questions about scholarships or other endowed funds, please contact the Office of Stewardship at 518.388.6532

Sample Student Scholarship Thank You:

Olivia Townsend

My name is Olivia Townsend and I am a recipient of a named scholarship. I cannot fully express my gratitude for this scholarship in words. I have had some of the greatest experiences of my life since coming to Union, and none of them would have been possible without your kind generosity.

This past summer I participated in research with the Biology Department studying grasshoppers from different altitudes around New York State (Adirondacks, Catskills, and other locations). The basis of our research was comparing morphological and physiological differences among the grasshoppers from different elevations by weighing them and measuring their jumping performance.

This fall I've been abroad in Australia and New Zealand studying Marine Biology, Terrestrial Ecology, Sustainability, and Australian Culture. I've learned so much and have had the time of my life, doing things such as hiking through the rainforest, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, sleeping under the stars in the Outback, and white water rafting and paddle boarding in New Zealand.

My career aspiration is still to get my PhD and teach Biology at the college level. However, after this experience abroad plus going on the Paris mini-term last winter, I'm leaning towards taking time off between Union and my PhD to travel. I absolutely love to travel, and there are still so many places I would like to visit.

I know that I have big plans and dreams, and your contribution is without a doubt making them all possible. Thank you so much!

Save the Date: Our Annual Scholarship Recognition Luncheon will be held on Thursday, May 8, 2014.  This is an opportunity for our donors to meet their scholarship recipients.

Annual Thank-a-Thon

On November 12th student scholarship recipients participated in the 2nd Annual Thank-a-Thon and had the opportunity to write thank you notes, send holiday cards and take their photo for their donors.