Scholarship Funds

Thank you to all donors who have endowed scholarships, who are making a difference in our students lives each and every year.

We experienced an increase in the number of students seeking financial assistance as well as an overall increase in the level of financial need of our families. Thanks to your generosity, Union College has been able to continue in its commitment to making a Union education affordable through generous scholarship support. We are extremely proud of our financial aid options at Union, and are committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of the student regardless of their particular economic circumstances. Take a minute to read through these encouraging facts:

$60 million

Union’s comprehensive financial aid program includes more than $60 million in aid from Union’s own resources and from federal, state, institutional and other agencies.

$39 million

More than $39 million in scholarships are awarded directly from Union each year.


More than 60 percent of all Union students receive some kind of financial assistance.


We have more than 400 named endowed scholarships that have donors or family members who receive stewardship about their scholarships as well as thank you letters from their student recipients each year.

If you have questions about scholarships or other endowed funds, please contact the Office of Stewardship at 518.388.6532