A Message from Steve Richards

A Message from Steve Richards ’79, Chairman, The Terrace Council

Steve Richards ’79, Chairman, The Terrace Council

Dear Friends,

I want to thank you for your contribution last year to Union’s Annual Fund. Your generosity has been an integral part in Union’s continued success. I really appreciate your support.

This year, I would like to invite you to invest in Union College with a leadership gift of $2,000 or more and to join me as a member of the Terrace Council, Union’s Leadership Giving Society. Last year, members of the Terrace Council helped set a new record for annual giving. This support had a big impact on what matters most at Union, delivering high quality with close student-faculty interactions, alongside a broad range of extracurricular activities and educational opportunities which take place outside the classroom. This is why a Union education has such a profound effect on its graduates.

I am a student of Union’s history, which is rich and colorful and also includes visible trends. I venture to say that Union is now experiencing one of the most positive periods in its history. The trends in admissions, for example, are all strong: increasing applications, greater selectivity, 40 percent are now “early decision” admissions, and there are more legacies. Indeed, our alumni are enrolling their children, nephews, nieces and grandchildren in record numbers. More of us call Union our “family’s school.” What could say more about a school’s vibrancy, and its future? Repeat business of the most profound kind.

I am on campus frequently. I find strength and inspiration there. Have you been back recently? The campus is gorgeous. My old friend, the late Professor Huntley, would be so pleased. And the place is alive in a palpable way. You can feel it. Try to find a student who does not love Union. It would be easier to find gold in “the brook that bounds thro’ old Union’s grounds.”

Many members of the Terrace Council choose to make Union one of our “life’s work.” Our giving sends that message. Our giving is meaningful on many levels, enriching our own experiences and deepening our connection with the College. I hope you will consider joining me as a leadership supporter of Union. A program brochure and an envelope have been respectfully enclosed. Please give what you can. And if you will tell me why you give, even better: srichards@union.edu.


Steve Richards ‘79

Chairman, The Terrace Council