Acquisitions and Periodicals

About the Acquisitions and Periodicals Units

The Acquisitions unit orders and receives library resource materials in all formats to support the college's curriculum, student and faculty research, and teaching. The World Wide Web is employed to expedite orders and to locate rare books as well as out-of-print resources. This unit also strives for the best discounts and services from suppliers by monitoring the vendors' performance, maintaining good working relationships with them and exploring new purchase options.

With the steady transition from print to alternate formats for periodicals and serials, the Acquisition unit also coordinates the increasingly complex task of electronic and media acquisitions with other library units such as Cataloging, Collection Development, and Electronic Resources on pricing, licensing and processing issues.

In addition to maintaining information about current subscriptions, the Periodicals unit plays a major role in periodicals space management. Shelving remains a concern, and numerous projects have been undertaken to meet growth space needs including several weeding projects, renewed binding efforts, and various shifts of the print collection.