Shelving Journals

Shelving Journals

General Notes Regarding Shelving:

Journals are generally shelved alphabetically by the first word in the title.


1. If a title begins with an article such as: a, an, the, der, le, la, el, ...etc., shelve the journal by its second word.

2. If there is a white label on the top left corner, shelve the journal under what is written on white label.

3. Acronyms (ie. ASME, IEEE, ACM) are shelved at the beginning of that letter of the alphabet. For example, the title APL Quote Quad will appear in the A’s section before Addictive Behaviors


Shelving Journals in the Periodicals Reading Room

  • Remove a bunch of journals from the Reading Room pre-shelving area. (The journals will have a red dot in the upper left-hand corner.) 
  • Take the truck to the Reading Room 
  • Find journal in hand on the shelf and then determine if it is the most recent issue. If so, place the issue on the slanted shelf on top and place the one previously on display underneath. 
  • ONLY the 4 most recent issues are kept in the Reading Room. Remove the oldest issue(s), peel off the red dot, and put them in a separate pile on your truck to be brought to the basement pre-shelving area. 

Shelving Journals in the Basement

  • Remove a bunch of journals from the Basement pre-shelving area. 
  • Take the truck to the basement, locate titles in the Periodicals Section, and place them with the other unbound issues in their respective boxes. **Some journals may have blue dot on them. They are to be shelved in the OVERSIZED section of the periodical stacks which are located before the A’s. **Some journals may have call numbers beginning with "Periodcl". They are shelved after the Z’s. 
  • If there is no room available in the box for the issue in hand to be shelved, set the issue aside and bring it back upstairs. They should be put on the bookshelf beside the checkin computer.