Mail Procedures

Sorting Mail

  • Sorting the library mail is the top priority of all tasks.
  • Bring an empty book truck and the mailroom key (in Periodicals Assistant’s cubicle) to the mailroom.
  • Mail is sorted into five separate categories:
    1. Periodicals
    2. Government Documents (Gov Docs)
    3. Interlibrary Loan (ILL)
    4. Acquisitions
    5. All Library People/Staff (individual staff in Schaffer Library, Writing Center, and Instructional Technology).


  • Sort mail into these 5 categories and deliver to appropriate departments:
    • Interlibrary Loan – main floor behind circulation desk
    •  Gov Docs – main floor behind circulation desk
    • Staff – 3rd floor administrative office on the chair in front of secretary’s desk
    • Acquisitions mail stays in the ***mailroom (except for envelopes which go in staff mail)
    •  Periodicals – bring to periodicals workstation area

***Packages from book publishers (e.g. Midwest, Blackwells, Gale Group, etc.) are marked “Acquisitions Dept.”. Place these packages on the counter in the mailroom.

  • Call x6277 if there are any huge packages which are too big to be delivered (e.g. computer monitors, projection screens).
  • Put any misdirected mail into Campus Mail or U.S. Mail basket.
  • Stack all empty mail bins on the bottom shelf of the bookcase in the mailroom.
  • When mail is done, return key to the hook.