Procedures for New CRA Books

  1. Keep dust jackets with the books.
  2. Catalog as usual for regular books.
  3. Apply the [Ctrl][c] macro as directed in the Cataloging at OCLC paragraph of the Books Cataloging Procedure/Editing guide.
  4. Use a Linking Action Slip when needed for the addition of size pre-stamps -- [q], [f], [ff] -- during physical processing.
Physical Processing
  1. Bookplate and security strip each book as usual.
  2. Double barcode each book, using the rolls of double barcodes.


    • The first barcode goes in the normal position in the back of the book.
    • The second barcode goes on the back inner flap of the dust jacket. Position it so that information is not covered and so the the barcode will not be obscured when the dust jacket is taped in place.
  3. Add the barcode to the item record in Millennium.
  4. If directed by a Linking Action slip, add any pre-stamps to the call number.
  5. Print 2 labels for each book.


    • The first goes in the usual position on the book's spine.
    • The second goes on the same position, but on the dust jacket.
  6. Cover each dust jacket with a mylar cover and securely tape it to its book.
  7. Arrange the completed books on the truck in call number order.
  8. Deliver completed truck to the appropriate Cataloger for final review.
Final Review
  1. Catalogers perform Final Review, but verifying the correctness of the dust jacket call number label rather than the spine label on the book. (The spine label on the books will be verified when book comes off CRA status.)
  2. Record statistics and deliver books to Circulation.