1. Watch for double-sided DVDs.  These discs should not be security stripped or marked in any way.

  2. Acquisitions is responsible for taking off any shrink-wrap packaging.

  3. Acquisitions will typically remove any viewing licenses.  If one is present with the DVD, then set it aside and route it to the Acquisitions Librarian.

  4. User guides or manuals that accompany DVDs are housed at Circulation, and must be treated as separate items if they do not fit inside the standard DVD case.  Use the term Guide for all separately house DVD guides and manuals.  Do include information about them in the ‡e in tag 300 and in ‡p and ‡d in tag 049.  Create separate item records for them and include their own Linking Action slip.  Follow standard book cataloging procedures for the guide or manual.

  5. Occasionally we will purchase a DVD that is considered an additional format to an existing format in the library.  There will be a clear notation that it is to be treated as a multiple format.  Lacking such notation, treat it as new material.  Until information on this additional format is included in the library’s Multiple Formats procedures, place on the Catalog Librarian’s problem shelf.

  6. Class in LC per the Guidelines for Videos Call Numbers. For those non-fiction items without an 050 or 090, put on the Catalog Librarian’s problem shelf.

  7. DVD’s will be housed in standard DVD cases (not CD-ROM or audio CD cases) and be shelved in Circulation.

Cataloging at OCLC

  1. Apply constant data [acd dvd506 var] before you begin editing the record.  This will address the 049, 506, and 538 fields for most DVDs.  You will still need to complete the 049 field.

  2. Examine and edit the OCLC record according to the DVD Editing Guide, including the 049 holdings information for multiple videos and/or accompanying user guides.  Make sure the record you choose is for the DVD version.

  3. RF after all additions/changes are made and validate to make sure all edits are correct.

  4. Apply the [Ctrl][b] macro; then edit "bn=uc" to "bn=um"; and RF.

  5. Go to the line with tag 050 or 090 holding the LC call number.  Assign a new line number, change the tag to 949, make the second indicator 1, go to the end of the line and apply the [Ctrl][v] macro.  Then edit the subfield t (‡t) to 122.

  6. If there are multiple discs to be housed in one case, edit this line to add a subfield c (‡c) and add the text "Disc 1-#", where # is the final number of discs.  Remember to check off the Attention block of the Linking Action slip and direct the students to add the message, "Check for # discs.".

  7. If there are multiple discs to be housed in individual cases, edit the line from step 5 and add the text "Disc 1".  Re-edit the line, assigning successive line numbers and updating the subfield c (‡c) for successive discs.

  8. If there is a separate guide(s), edit the line to change the subfield t (‡t) to 123.  Add a subfield c (‡c) and the text "Guide (#)" where "#" is the number of the guide if there is more than one.

  9. RF and Validate the record.

  10. Export (XPO/F11) the record into Millennium.

  11. Record the item record numbers on a Linking Action slip for each item.  Check off the top box and circle the "|f[DVD]|a" option.

  12. Produce shelflist card (p/F11).


Usage note:

Use this editing guide to catalog DVDs when the DVD is the primary format held by the library and you are describing it as the primary format on the base record. If the DVD accompanies another format (for example, it duplicates or supplements a print item held by the library), you should generally catalog the other format on the base record and add information about the accompanying DVD as instructed in the procedures for cataloging Multiple Format Items.

Important notice: Apply constant data before you begin editing the record. This will address the 049, 506, and 538 fields. acd dvd506 var

  • Accept “AS IS” all FIXED AND VARIABLE fields not included in the tables below.


Field Actions
Type Verify that code is g.
Lang Check to make sure that the correct language code has been assigned.
DtSt Verify that code is s for single date entered in Date fixed field; p for release date and production date in Date fixed field; or r for reprint/reissue date and original date. Date(s) should match those in the 260 subfield c, and be reflected in a 500 note. ex. [ ‡a Originally produced as motion picture in 1991. ]
Dates Check date(s) to make sure they match the date(s) on which the DVD was issued. Verify that the data is for the DVD release, not the original movie release date.  Date(s) should match those in the 260 subfield c and any notes found in the record.



    A/E Column:


Accept if present; add field or add additional information only if necessary.


A variety of actions may be appropriate; follow instructions in Comments.


Add as directed.

Field DEFINITION A/E Comments
006 Fixed-Length Data Elements--Additional Material Characteristics A If the Fixed Field Type code is g, no 006 is needed for the DVD.  However, an 006 may be present or needed to describe related material in another format held by the library.  For example, if a book or CD-ROM accompanies the DVD, an 006 must be present or be added for the book or CD-ROM.  See procedures for cataloging Multiple Format Items for specific instructions.
007 Physical Description Fixed Field E DVDs should have an 007.  If one is lacking, refer the item to the Catalog Librarian for proper coding.  Typically, the 007 for a DVD will look thus:

   007 __ v ‡b d ‡d c ‡e g ‡f a ‡g i

On Millennium, the 007 may display without subfield codes as follows:

   007 __ ‡a vd cgai

If an 007 is already there and it contains additional information, accept as is.

An 007 may also be present or needed to describe related material in another format held by the library.  For example, if a CD-ROM or book accompanies the DVD, an 007 must be present or be added for the CD-ROM or book.  See procedures for cataloging Multiple Format Items for specific instructions.

049 Local holdings E Constant data applied.   [DVD] should precede the ZWUU in the 049 field.


Single DVD:

 049  ‡a [DVD]ZWUU

Multiple DVDs:

 049  ‡a [DVD]ZWUU ‡v 1-2

DVD or DVDs with separate guide:

 049  ‡a [DVD]ZWUU ‡d [$v=DVD $p=guide] ‡v 1-3 ‡p []

05X-09X Call number E Follow the guidelines provided in Guidelines for Video Call numbers.
245 Title statement E Check the following information:

‡a  The title should match the title on the DVD.

‡h [videorecording] 

This information must immediately follow ‡a and precede any other subfields such as ‡b and ‡c.  Do enter the brackets if not there already.

‡b, ‡c The subtitle and statement of responsibility should match the information on the DVD label and case.

246 Varying Form of Title A Parallel title.  Accept as is, but add if not there for titles in another language with the parallel title in the 245 ‡b.
260 Publication, distribution, etc. (imprint) A Accept as is, usually, but make sure the date in ‡c matches the  first date in the Dates fixed field. 
300 Physical description A ‡a: Total videodiscs.  Make sure the total number of videos is correct.  Use plural or singular videodisc(s) as appropriate.  Accept the runtime if given, or enter the stated or approximate playing time in  parentheses if noted on case.

‡b: Other details.  Generally, accept everything that is there.

‡c: Dimensions.  Should always be 4 3/4 in.

‡e: Accompanying material.  Use only for guides that will be kept separately from the video.  Give the number; accept the physical descriptions and dimensions if there but do not add.


   300   ‡a 1 videodisc (24 min.)  : ‡b sd., col. ; ‡c  4 3/4 in.

   300   ‡a 2 videodiscs (30 min. each)  : ‡b sd., col.  ; ‡c 4 3/4 in. + ‡e 1 guidebook (31 p. : ill. ; 21 cm.)

4XX Series Fields A Check and edit serials fields as usual for books.
5XX Notes Fields A Generally accept all 5XX fields, paying special attention to the fields below:
506 Restrictions on Access Note S Constant data applied.  Use the following text unless otherwise instructed:

For private home use or face-to-face teaching activities in a classroom or similar place devoted to instruction at Union College. Other restrictions may also apply. Any other use without license is in violation of the copyright law.

520 Summary Note A Generally accept if there, or add/augment if the information about the general content of the DVD is readily available on the DVD package.
538 System Details (Requirements) Note S Constant data applied.  Use the following text unless otherwise instructed:


6XX-8XX Subjects and Added Entries E Check and edit subject and added entry fields as usual for books.
910 Local Gift Information S Add gift numbers as assigned by the Collection Development Librarian.
949 Local Processing Information S Add using provided macros as described in the Cataloging Procedure above.