Honors Theses

Schaffer Library provides access to Union College Honors Theses in hard copy in the library and — when permission is granted by their authors — online. Access to the full text of theses either in the library or online is restricted to members of the Union College community. 

DSpace Access

To search for all theses available either in print, microfiche, microfilm, or online, search the library catalog by Department, Author, or Title via the pull-down menu.

To search only for the subset of theses available online since 2008, go to the Union College Undergraduate Honors Theses website via DSpace. If you wish to view the full text of a thesis there, you will be prompted to identify your institution group (Union College Academic or Union College Administrative) and to enter your Union College ID (that is your e-mail username) and password.

Instructions and forms for the submission of new Honors Theses to the library are available below and through the links to the left of this page.

Honors and Thesis Submission Information for: