Locate Items in the Building

Did you know you can text the call number to yourself for future retrieval? Select the "Send via Text Message tab, choose your carrier and enter your cell number.

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You can also use Google Preview to learn more about out the book, search/browse within the contents.

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The best way to locate something in the Library is to find out the item's call number. The call number, location, and status will guide you to an exact shelf location.

Several pieces of advice:

Click on the link provided in the "Location" box. The link may say Stacks, Reference Room, SpecColl Union Coll'n, Oversize: q Stacks, Periodicals - Basement, or Media Video: at Circ., etc., but in each case, the link will open up a map of the appropriate part of the Library you should head for.


For example:

locate items

means the Library's general, open shelving areas.

Oversize: q Stacks(or f Stacks or ff Stacks ) means the tall books on the second floor whose numbers are prefaced by "q","f", or "ff".

Offsite: Ask at Circ means you must request the book's retrieval from the College's nearby warehouse. See the Circulation Desk for prompt delivery.

Jot down the complete call number. All parts of it are important.

Reminder: If the "Status" box reads
AVAILABLE, the item should be found on the Library's shelves.

DUE (date) means that the item is checked out--see Circulation to request its recall or try ordering through ConnectNY

LIB USE ONLY indicates an item in Reference, Periodicals, or Special Collections that may not be borrowed but used at the Library only.

General locations of material are as follows (click on the floor name to see a detailed map):

  • Basement Call Numbers E-Z, Maps, Bound Periodicals, Government Documents
  • First Floor Reference, Reserve Materials, Current Periodicals, Videos/DVDs/Audio CDs, Microforms
  • Second Floor Call Numbers A-D and Oversize collection.
  • Third Floor Special Collections

See our guide to Borrowing Materials for additional information from the Circulation Department.