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Below are websites that have multiple search capabilities:


411 Locate
E-Mail Search
This omnibus site permits simultaneous searching of five e-mail address databases: Yahoo, Switchboard, WhoWhere, InfoSpace, and Internet Address Finder.
Internet Address Finder
This site claims to have more than 6.7M listings; it appears to be both comprehensive and reliable.
The Ultimate Email Directory
Sponsored by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T), this site offers telephone, e-mail, home page, FAX number, and toll-free number searching. Reverse look-up is an added feature.
The Ultimate White Pages
This omnibus site permits simultaneous searching of six directory databases: Infospace, Dogpile, Whitepages, Yahoo People, WhoWhere, and Switchboard. Each search opens up a new browser window, so be careful to look at all of the results pages.
Telephone Directories on the Web
is an index to online telephone books, claiming more than 400 links to yellow pages, white pages, business directories, e-mail listings, and fax listings from 170 countries around the world.
USA People Search
Area Codes
In addition to the telephone directories under Telephone above, consult:
Area Code Listing By Number
Includes a link to NANPA, the North American Numbering Plan, with maps and other numbering data.
Verizon's Area Code Lookup
Zip Codes
United States Postal Service
Who else?