Sophomore Research Seminar


Contact Bruce Connolly (phone: 6613 / email: or any librarian with whom you have a comfortable working relationship to set up an initial planning meeting geared toward the needs of your SRS course. Access to RefWorks software, training workshop, customized materials, consultation.

To arrange RefWorks training or to get a Turnitin account, contact Gail Golderman (phone: 6624 / email

What Can the Library Do for You and Your SRS Students?
Many First-Year students arrive at Union having mastered the information gathering practices that enabled them to achieve academic success in high school. During their first year here, many will also get their first glimpse of the far more complex, rich, and dynamic information environment that academic institutions like ours have to offer. The Sophomore Research Seminar aims to give our students the tools and strategies they will need in order to become accomplished researchers in the college setting. By involving the Library and its staff in your SRS, you can help ease this transition and reinforce the message that the staff is here to help them.

Training for SRS Faculty
Helping SRS faculty to become acquainted with the full range of resources that the Library has to offer is an important component of the program for us. Librarians affiliated with the program are interested in taking you on a tour of the reference collection, demonstrating the capabilities of the online catalog, identifying electronic resources that are suited for the research projects you are planning for your students and bringing you up to date on how to search them yourselves, determining what types of handouts and instructional materials are needed for you class, and hearing your suggestions regarding the resources the Library might need to acquire to support course-related research. We are happy to meet with you individually or in small groups, in the Library or in your office.

Support for Course
Librarians can create research guides—customized to include the specific print titles, scholarly databases, and web resources that you want students to use for their research and writing—for print, online, or Blackboard distribution.

Instruction/Partnering for Faculty and Students
We offer librarian-led instruction sessions - conducted during class time in either the Library or your classroom - suited to the course's overall learning goals or to the specific and immediate needs of your students. These could be one of the standard, hour-long library instruction sessions, scheduled during a class time and covering reference sources appropriate to the research assignment, searching the catalog, selecting and searching scholarly databases, and authoritative websites. Alternatively, they might involve a quick visit to demonstrate a specific information gathering technique, operating a microfilm reader, or setting up an alert in a database which will automatically email journal citations on a research topic at regularly specified intervals.

Support for Blackboard, including resource development, participation in online discussions where appropriate, and the option of registering a librarian as an instructor for your course.

Individual mentoring, assistance, and informal instruction for your students
This would include reference service, of course, provided by all members of the Library professional staff, but it would also include the offer of access (for you and your students) to the librarian affiliated with your course by phone, email, and appointment.

Back-up for Faculty
The Library maintains a plagiarism website and provides access to the system. There is also support for the RefWorks bibliographic management service.