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BL Religions. Mythology. Rationalism
BM Judaism
BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.
BQ Buddhism
BR Christianity
BS The Bible
BT Doctrinal Theology
BV Practical Theology
BX Christian Denominations

Reference Sources

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Reference Sources and Citation

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The Encyclopedia of Christianity

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BR95.E8913 1999

The Encyclopedia of Eastern Philosophy and Religion
Intended for a general audience, this single volume offers approximately 4,000 brief and accessible entries defining the basic terminology and principles of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Zen. A bibliography on each of the four religions is included.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BL1005.L4813 1989

The Encyclopedia of Hasidism
Provides brief entries of terms and concepts with particular emphasis given to biographical information of significant rebbes (leaders).
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BM198.E53 1996

Encyclopedia of Islam
Comprehensive coverage of the entire Islamic world--history, politics, geography, culture, and religion. Over forty years old, information may be dated but still useful for historic background. Ten volumes plus index and supplements.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] DS37.E523

The Encyclopedia of Judaism
Three volumes of topical essays by leading Judaic scholars with a general index at the end of volume 3 to help locate specific facts or subjects.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BM50.E63 1999

The Encyclopedia of Missions, Second Edition
Contains biographies of historic and contemporaneous missionaries and information about the geographic location of mission activities.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref]BV2090.D80

The Encyclopedia of cults, sects, and new religions
The entries consist of the history, beliefs, and practices of the religion as well as entries on specific practices.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BL2525 .L49 2002

An Encyclopedia of Religion
A single volume with brief dictionary-like entries defining a variety of religious terms, concepts, and historical figures.

The Encyclopedia of Religion
Sixteen volumes of interpretive, cross-disciplinary essays covering a wide range of religious concepts and topics. Most essays include a bibliography.

Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics
A sprawling 13 volume work including index that aims "at containing articles on every religious belief or custom, and on every ethical movement, every philosophical idea, [and] every moral practice." Obviously dated, it remains, however, a classic reference work within the field.

Encyclopedia of the American Religious Experience: Studies in Traditions and Movements
Contains lengthy essays organized by topic and theme that explore religion and religious movements in America and their broader impact on culture and society.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BL2525.E53 1988

The Hindu World: An Encyclopedic Survey of Hinduism
A general overview of the Hindu religion in two volumes.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BL1105.W34 1968

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
Contains entries for every person or place mentioned in the Bible as well as entries for most other theological terms and topics by authors of a variety of Christian denominations and nationalities.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BS440.I6 1979

The New Catholic Encyclopedia, Second Edition
Recognized as the authoritative work on the Catholic Church and its history, it is also an invaluable reference source in the field of religious studies in general. The complete original 1917 version of the encyclopedia is available online.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BX841.N44 2003

The New Encyclopedia of Judaism
Hoping to be the "standard one-volume Jewish reference work," this book's 1250+ articles provide an in-depth and comprehensive survey of Judaism, with a particular emphasis on liturgical and ritualistic aspects of the religion. Contains an annotated bibliography arranged by topic.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BM80.E63 2002

The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge
Based largely on the 19th century Protestant work Realencyklopadie fur protestantische Theologie und Kirche, the content is exclusively Christian with a particular emphasis on historic European and American religious figures.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BR95.S42 1951

Religions of the World: A Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Beliefs and Practices
A survey of present religions throughout the world with a special emphasis on a country-by-country analysis. Includes current statistical data and future projections for each country.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BL80.3.R45 2002

The Catholic Encyclopedia
The online version of a venerable and authoritative reference work for religious studies.

Subject Dictionaries

Oxford Reference: Religion and Philosophy
Includes: A Dictionary of the Bible The Oxford Guide to People and Places of the Bible A Dictionary of Buddhism The Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church Oxford Dictionary of Islam A Concise Companion to the Jewish Religion The Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy The Oxford Dictionary of Popes The Oxford Dictionary of Saints The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions

The Anchor Bible Dictionary

CALL NUMBER: [Ref]BS440.A54 1992

The Blackwell Dictionary of Judaica

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BM50.C615 1992

Dictionary of American Religious Biography


A Dictionary of Comparative Religion

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BL31.D54 1970

Dictionary of Ethics, Theology and Society

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BJ63.D53 1996

Dictionary of Islam

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BP40.H8 1965b

Dictionary of Judaism in the Biblical Period, 450 B.C.E to 600 C.E.

CALL NUMBER: [Ref]BM50.D525 1996

Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible

CALL NUMBER: [Ref]BS440.E44 2000

The Facts on File Dictionary of Religion

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BL31.F33 1984

Historical Dictionary of Buddhism

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BQ130.P74 1993

Historical Dictionary of Islamic Fundamentalist Movements in the Arab World, Iran, and Turkey

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BP60.M36 1999

Historical Dictionary of Shinto

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BL2216.1.P53 2002

The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible


The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BR95.08 1997

The Oxford Dictionary of the Jewish Religion

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BM.O94 1997

The Oxford Dictionary of Saints

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BR1710.F34 1982

Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament

CALL NUMBER: [Ref]BS440.B5713

The Westminster Dictionary of Christian Ethics, revised

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BJ1199.W47 1986

Zen Dictionary

CALL NUMBER: [Ref] BQ9259.W66 1972


A handbook of ancient religions
Includes ancient cultures around the world, from China to India, the Middle East, Egypt, Europe, and the Americas. It examines the development of religious belief from the time of the Palaeolithic cave paintings to the Aztecs and Incas.
CALL NUMBER: BL41 .H325 2007

The Oxford handbook of religion and emotion
This volume collects essays under four categories: religious traditions, religious life, emotional states, and historical and theoretical perspectives, with descriptions of the ways in which emotions have played a role in Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and other religions.
CALL NUMBER: BL41 .O94 2008

Other Sources

Afro-American Religious Studies: A Comprehensive Bibliography with Locations in American Libraries
A comprehensive listing of books and articles on African American religious studies, with appendices of related serials and periodicals and manuscript collections. Particularly useful for locating historical works and primary sources from the nineteenth century through the Civil Rights era.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BL625.2.W50 1972

Bibliography on Buddhism
countries are arranged alphabetically by author with a general subject index.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BQ270.H360 1961

Books on Buddhism: An Annotated Subject Guide
Containing only books written in English, this bibliography includes 1300 annotated entries arranged by subject with title and author index.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BQ4012.Y64

Buddhism: A Subject Index to Periodical Articles in English, 1728-1921
Containing only articles written in English, this index includes 1200+ entries arranged by subject with title and author/subject index. Particularly useful for locating historical sources on the topic.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BQ270.Y60 1973

A Critical Bibliography of Religion in America
Arranged chronologically and topically, these two volumes present a solid overview of the literature through 1960.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BL2525.B8670 1961

Guide to Buddhist Religion
An extensive annotated bibliography divided into twelve subject areas: Historical Development; Religious Thought; Authoritative Texts; Popular Beliefs and Literature; Social, Political, and Economic Aspects; Religious Practices and Rituals; Ideal Beings, Hagiography, and Biography; Mythology, Cosmology, and Basic Symbols; Sacred Places; Soteriological Experience and Process; Research Aids.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BQ4012 .R48

Japanese Religion and Philosophy: A Guide to Japanese Reference and Research Materials
Much of the material cited may be dated and many of the entries are in Japanese or refer to sources written in Japanese.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BL2203.H640 1959

Index Islamicus
An annual bibliography of books, articles, and reviews on Islam and the Islamic world from over 800 European language publications.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] Z7835.M6 L6

Philosophy of Religion: An Annotated Bibliography of Twentieth Century Writings in English
A selective, annotated bibliography of philosophical writings on religion arranged in the following topics: The Divine Attributes; Arguments for the Existence of God; The Problem of Evil; Mysticism and Religious Experience; Miracles; Faith and Revelation; Religious Language; The Justification of Religious Belief.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BL51.W43

Popular Hinduism and Hindu Mythology: An Annotated Bibliography
Intended to provide a bibliography of sources on modern practices and beliefs of Hinduism.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BL1202.H64 1979

A Reader's Guide to the Great Religions
Contains a series of informative bibliographic essays on world religions, including: Primitive Religions; The Ancient World; The Religions of Mexico and of Central and South America; The Religion of China; Hinduism; Buddhism; The Sikhs; the Jainas; The Religions of Japan; Early and Classical Judaism; Medieval and Modern Judaism; Christianity; Islam.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BL80.2.A30 1977

Religion Index One: Periodicals. Chicago: American Theological Library Association, 1977-
A broad, annual index of religious journals and periodicals. Each year includes thousands of entries indexed from more than five hundred publications. Article citations are arranged primarily by a detailed Subject Index with an Author Index.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] Z7753.A5

Religion Journals
Compiled by the Religious Studies Department of University of California Santa Barbara, this webpage offers a bibliography of religious studies journals from American Jewish History to Zeitschrift f�r die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft.

Religious and Theological Abstracts. Myerstown, PA: Religious and Theological Abstracts, Inc., 1958-
Contains abstracts of articles from over four hundred periodicals classified under four broad subject headings: Biblical; Theological; Historical; Practical.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BR1.R286

The Study of Judaism: Bibliographical Essays
A series of bibliographic essays on important problems in Jewish theology. Chapters include: Judaism in the New Testament Times; Rabbinic Sources; Judaism on Christianity, Christianity on Judaism; Modern Jewish Thought; The Contemprorary Jewish Community; The Holocaust.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BM70.S70 1972

Zen Buddhism: A Bibliography of Books and Articles in English, 1892-1975
Contains 750 entries plus a good, concise introductory essay about the history of Zen in America.
CALL NUMBER: [Ref Bib] BQ9265.4.V47 1976

Websites & News

Digital Librarian: Religion and Philosophy
This webpage, compiled and maintained by Margaret Vail Anderson, a librarian in Cortland, New York, provides links to hundreds of sites related to nearly all aspects of religious studies.

Voice of the Shuttle: Religious Studies
From the English Department of the University California Santa Barbara, this site provides links to a wide range of on-line religious studies sources and materials.

News Alerts
The New York Times: Religious Studies and Vocations
Provides full text access to current news articles from The New York Times "Religious Studies and Vocations" section

Based on the award-winning television program of PBS affiliate WNET of New York, this site provides weekly feature articles and daily news stories related to religion throughout the world.

Religion in the News
Published three times each year since 1998 by the Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life of Trinity College in Hartford CT, current and back issues can be browsed by subject and author.

Religion Newswriters Association
This professional association of more than 240 journalist specializing in religious topics offers breaking news stories from around the world. In addition, the site's "Reference Library" provides links to dozens of religious newspapers, magazines, periodicals, television and radio stations, and websites.

Worldwide Faith News
Worldwide Faith News is a data base of full text official news releases and other documents, including policy statements, from the news offices of national and world faith groups. The entire database from 1996 is searchable by date and keyword.