October 29, 2011

Lippman Hall

A Cornerstone of the Liberal Arts

Lippman Hall, which opened in September 2011, serves as one of the cornerstones of the liberal arts tradition at Union. The building originally opened in 1967 as the Social Sciences building, housing faculty offices and classrooms. Since then, it has been home to students and faculty members engaged in understanding and exploring the social sciences and their intersections with the humanities, arts, sciences and engineering.

A lead gift in 2009 from Jim Lippman ’79 and his wife, Linda, supported a major renovation of the former Social Sciences building. This renovation revitalized the teaching and learning environment of one of the most heavily used academic buildings on campus, which was renamed Lippman Hall in honor of Jim Lippman’s father, Robert G. Lippman ’50.

Today, more than 40 faculty members spend roughly 3,000 hours a week with students in Lippman Hall, teaching them to think and write critically, analyze and solve problems, and become the kind of thoughtful, engaged citizens for which Union College is known.