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Student Spotlight: Paul Torres-Cohen

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.
: Political Science

Why Union:
Union offers classes that value student participation and attendance. Teachers, not teaching assistants, engage students with the material. It is a small, beautiful campus, and it’s easy to get to know people through classes, clubs and other activities.

Most inspiring class:
Intro to Global Politics with Professor Robert Hislope. The things that we learn in that class relate to everyday life, not just political science. It is a class that has made me more aware.

Also excited about:
Homecoming Weekend. Students I have met are always enthusiastic about going to Union, so I  am excited to see the same attitude reflected in the alumni.

I signed up to be a Student Ambassador, which means that I will be hosting prospective students for a couple of overnights. I also work in the Dean of Students Office, which deals with all non-academic affairs at the College.

Favorite study spot:
My dorm in Webster House, the study-focused residence for mainly first-year students. I know there's a reputation around campus that it's not the most sociable dorm, but it's a great living space with lots of great kids who just want a quiet place to study. Living in Webster has not hampered my life at Union in any way.

Three things I'm passionate about at Union:

Most surprising thing about Union:
Schenectady. Coming from New York City, I can say that comparatively, Schenectady is safer, and within my first few weeks of being on campus, I found a quality barber, good restaurants and nice people.

How I'm making Union a better place:
Working hard and living honestly.

Advice for incoming students:
Don't try to blend into the crowd. Union has something for everyone, and due to the small student enrollment, we all have a chance to be a major part of the clubs and activities we're involved in. There are even leadership positions available for first-years.