The Kelly Adirondack Center at Union College is committed to research that focuses on the study of the Adirondack Park. The Center encourages scholars, students, researchers, and faculty to utilize the Center's rich resources to undertake an interdisciplinary approach to studying political, sociological, environmental, economic, and historical issues impacting the Park. Over the next several years, the Center will focus on pursuing an aggressive research agenda with particular attention to the tensions that exist between economic development and the protection and conservation of the blue line. The Center will engage student and faculty fellows to pursue this research agenda. 

Dr. Eddie Summers collaborated on all research produced by the Kelly Adirondack Center Summer Research Fellows. 

2013 Summer Research Fellows' Final Research Papers

Laura Johnston: "Watershed Management in the Adirondacks"

Elias Springer: "Microfinance and its role in promoting small business development in the Adirondacks"

2013 Summer Research Fellows' Op-Ed Pieces

Laura Johnston: "Beyond the Blue Line: Navigating the Population Discourse in the Adirondack State Park"

Laura Johnston: "Land Tenure and Conservation in Adirondack State Park"

Samantha Muratori: "Has conservation of the Adirondacks come to a halt?"

Samantha Muratori: "Tourism Threatening Adirondack Solitude"

Elias Springer: Bringing the Internet to the Adirondacks: Communities losing touch with their greatest asset"

Elias Springer: "Saving Rural Communities by Saving Their Banks"