Account Manager

New York, NY - Posted on: Wednesday 09/23/15


We’re looking for a ring-leading, attention-grabbing, lighting-up-the-space-with-their-smiling Account Manager to add to our Experience Team. This person will help us make everyday at the Alley the best day possible. If people scare you, this isn’t for you. If early mornings and organization make you cringe we totally get it, but this isn’t for you. Everyday, you’ll be tasked with squeezing out more efficiency, style, and plain old awesomeness out of the front house and the overall experience our members and guests have in the space. If you think juggling a phone call, 7 chats, and a barrage of emails as well as a painting company and three random deliveries is a piece of cake... we want YOU! You’re a creator, self-starter, your attention to detail and sensitivity towards people is some may say abnormal. You’ll constantly execute new ways to build community and enhance our member experience. You own your mistakes, learn and move forward at a fast pace. To put it frankly, you’re one cool cat. Check out some more details below:


  • Assist with training and coaching of new hires for the front desk staff team
  • Ensure that the facility is fully operational and processes are running smoothly
  • Provide high level customer service and hospitality to everyone (guests, members, tough personalities, stars, the president, Beyoncé, etc.)
  • Solve member-related issues to ensure a cohesive community
  • Add and contribute to improving upon what we have in place
  • Work as a part of a team with all AlleyNYC staff members to ensure efficiency and camaraderie
  • Maintain product knowledge for all front of the house and AlleyNYC operations
  • Maintain the distinct AlleyNYC aesthetic, appearance, atmosphere and culturePrevious hospitality experience a plus
  • Preferred minimum of 4 years experience with managing staff
  • Knowledge of NYC entrepreneurial ecosystem a STRONG plus (extra 15 bonus points)



  • If you are used to switching tasks quickly and feel you can tackle diverse issues with poise and confidence
  • If you can adapt to unexpected circumstances i.e. Godzilla attacking New York City, or Spiderman fighting a supervillain in the Café Lounge area… because you know, it happens sometimes
  • If you have an extremely positive attitude and people around you feed off your energyIf you see an issue and take care of it immediately, before it becomes a bigger issue If you’re able to move quickly and efficiently in tight spaces (ninja skills -- bring your nunchucks)
  • If you could have starred in Kill Bill because you slay, you’ve got a thick skin, and you own some truly bangin’ jump suitsIf you have excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • If you have outstanding customer service and problem solving skillsIf you can keep yourself and a team of Front Desk Associates motivated and on task -- our Experience Team sets the mood for the entire spaceIf you’re ready to work hard and BE OPEN TO FEEDBACK and you have an ability to communicate well with a friendly smile
  • If you’ve had previous experience with managing an amazing team with individual super skills that can do amazing things… like the X Men


  • If you don’t like smiling at people 
  • If you’d rather sit in the corner, facing the wall, by yourself 
  • If you hate hearing constructive criticism 
  • If people scare you 
  • If you hate doing things or helping for others


  • Join a startup company that is growing quickly and expanding to many new markets 
  • Work with an amazing in-house team, but also become part of a community of thousands of creative and inspiring entrepreneurs 
  • Employee benefits package that includes Health/Vision/Dental plans 
  • AlleyNYC member benefits like discounts on rental cars hotels, gym membership and more

To Apply:

​Apply to this position at the following link: