Alignment Technician - X-Ray Optical Systems

East Greenbush, New York - Posted on: Tuesday 08/12/14


Position Overview:
This position will be responsible for optic and source alignments within the XOS analyzer product group with a focus on supporting the Sindie and HD product lines. The individual as needed will be expected to work closely with engineers, specifically in the assembly, modification and documentation of components and processes. The application of excellent manufacturing practices and the highest commitment to customer satisfaction are paramount to attaining this goal.

Specific Responsibilities:
This position is responsible for the optical alignment of SINDIE and HD engines as well as general mechanical assembly of SINDIE and HD sub components to achieve this end.
XOS alignment technicians utilize proprietary XOS software along with motorized actuators and translation stages during the alignment processes. The ability to follow detailed process travelers and documenting any relevant production test data is critical to this position. The individual is expected to contribute to process improvements and assembly procedures within the alignment and relevant assembly areas. General work station cleanliness and maintaining operational effectiveness of alignment and assembly work areas



- Minimum 2+ years hands on manufacturing experience in a similar environment aligning lazars, optics, or sensors with in very tight tolerance.

- BS in Mechanical Engineering is preferable; OR student pursuing optical or mechanical engineering degree.

- Excellent mechanical aptitude and ability to handling small or fragile objects. The individual must be able to work with patience, follow detail procedures and make pass fail judgment at critical points within the alignment processes.

- Ability for recordkeeping with the attention to detail.

- Ability to read mechanical working drawings and bills of materials

- Must be able to work for long periods of time at multiple computer stations with minimal errors.