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Our exclusive methodology builds upon the world class academic research of our principals, the leading figures in the field of behavioral economics and its intersection with health. Their studies related to smoking cessation, weight loss, medication adherence and HRA participation have been published in leading peer-review journals. VAL Health’s evidence-based approach moves beyond thinking about incentives as all-or-none, and designs the structure and timing of incentives to correspond to established principles of psychology and economics. One specific software solution we offer is VAL Health Rewards, an innovative regret-based incentive program. Team members at VAL Health have an unprecedented opportunity to work on high impact projects to drive the future of health-related incentive programs.





Analysts are recent college graduates from a top university with a passion for improving health and healthcare. Analysts’ responsibilities include conducting qualitative and quantitative research, structuring the results of analyses, and contributing to project recommendations.

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Interested candidates please send a resume and cover letter addressed to Karen Horgan, President and Managing Partner, to