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Our executive director and deputy executive director develop and manage multiple projects simultaneously. They hold themselves and others to extremely exacting standards. They need an outstanding researcher and assistant who is intelligent, analytical, poised, and 100 percent reliable to facilitate their ability to achieve the organization's mission.

The start date for this position is flexible: as early as June 2nd to as late as August 18th.



This position calls for someone who is not only comfortable researching on the web, but also by using the resources of libraries (the big buildings that have lots of books) and by reaching out to and speaking with potential sources on the telephone (not relying on email). Note: You need to be as good a writer as you are a researcher.

Research topics and forms will vary widely; familiarize yourself with ADC's view of the importance of "one community, no exclusion" and with Remapping Debate's focus on making the invisible come to light.

The successful candidate needs to be precise and have an unerring sense of discretion in all matters, including the handling of confidential and sensitive information. He or she must be equally adept at performing a wide range of tasks, including helping to run a paperless Mac-based office, researching, and maintaining a website (the more web skills the better, but we can, if necessary, teach you what you need to know).

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