Budget Specialist Development Program

Albany, NY - Posted on: Friday 08/21/15


For more than 80 years, the New York State Division of the Budget has been the primary fiscal advisor to the Governor, developing, negotiating, and implementing one of the largest government budgets in the country. Encompassing criminal justice, economic development, education, energy, environment, healthcare, homeland security, housing, human services, mental health, transportation, and other public policy areas, work at the Division of the Budget is high-impact public service. The Division is synonymous with challenge, opportunity, responsibility, and quality. 

Our work demands clear thinking, strong writing, and insightful analysis, all in a fast-paced environment. Working with a network of some of the country’s best universities, liberal arts colleges and schools of public administration, the Budget Division hires outstanding graduates to join our ranks as Budget Specialists. From day one, Budget Specialists are teamed with the Division’s cadre of career Budget Examiners in developing, negotiating, and implementing the annual Executive Budget. Budget Specialists: analyze State agency fiscal operations; develop budgetary and policy recommendations; evaluate proposed legislation; negotiate with legislative staff; monitor revenues and expenditures; and manage Federal, state and local relations. 


To be selected as a Budget Specialist, candidates must have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, outstanding written and oral communication abilities, and a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. Please note: the Division of the Budget does not hire individuals who require sponsorship for employment. 

The Division provides an extensive training and development program to all of its employees. New professional staff have multiple opportunities to develop and hone their skills as budget examiners. In the full-year Budget Examination Skills Training (BEST) classroom and on-line training program, agency subject matter experts help new staff gain the knowledge needed to succeed in their work, including: the Division’s structure and functions, the operations of New York State government, budget examination techniques and procedures, and analytical and management practices. New professional staff also receive training related to the Division’s policies on ethics, sexual harassment prevention, workplace and domestic violence prevention, reasonable accommodations, and information technology security. Classes on communication, supervision, and management skills are also offered, along with a variety of online courses accessed through the Statewide Learning Management System. Computer courses on the Microsoft Office Suite and other software are conducted in our on-site computer training facility. 
During their assignment, Budget Specialists accumulate the knowledge and experience to compete in the Civil Service examination through which Budget Specialists transition to career employment with the Division: Budget Examiner, Senior Budget Examiner, Associate Budget Examiner and, Principal Budget Examiner. In addition to these promotional opportunities, Budget Examiners can transfer to managerial positions in other State agencies through the Civil Service system. 

Starting salary depends upon level of education and type of work experience, and annual salary increases are dependent on satisfactory performance. 

Budget Specialist I: $41,287 - $45,210. A Bachelor’s degree. Advances to Budget Specialist II after one (1) year of satisfactory service.

Budget Specialist II: $45,210 - $48,911. A Master’s degree in public administration, economics, business administration, public policy, public affairs or a closely related administrative or managerial field; or, a Bachelor’s degree and two (2) years of professional work experience including one (1) year in public administration. Advances to Budget Specialist III (four years of professional work experience $48,911 - $60,694).

To Apply:

To apply complete the online application for the Budget Specialist position at https://www.budget.ny.gov/resume

Candidates’ resumes continue in active status for a period of six months, after which candidates can re-submit their resumes to be considered for future opportunities. For additional information about the Budget Specialist Development Program, please visit http://www.budget.ny.gov/division/employment/employment.html